Best car at900k

Which is the best car I can get at 900k, engine 1500cc.


You could probably get a Premio or Allion around that price range. Some come with 1.5 engines but if you want something with abit of a kick for the car size maybe you can have the 1.8.

Hii ni gani bro?

Only Kenyans talk about how their 1.8 have a kick.

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I was looking at the situation… you can get a 1.5 premio but it may not be the best one to get as overtaking will be a bitch… best to get get one slightly more powerful that can give acceptable overtaking characteristics especially given the car size. But kama fuel is paramount, then what to do…

That vitz wrc that people were talking about on another thread is a turbo charged 1.6ltr engine with 380hp, 450Nm and a weight slightly above 1 tonne. It’s not a mass production model but the numbers don’t lie and you get the point.

it has compared to the 1.5L which is common. In fact, a 1.8L toyota engine in a premio has a bigger kick than a 2.4L in a crv and even more than a 2.0 in a accord. dont get me wrong hondas are good cars, but toyota knows how to make budget cars. axio with 1.8L weighs 1050kg. the older premio weighed 1170kg. toyota has very light, but solid cars and thats where efficiency comes from. honda accord weighs 1540kg. the 1.8 engine has better pull when overtaking than the larger 2.0 because of low end torque. but these are not sports cars.

Be rational and buy a car that fits your needs. If you want space at that price point then forget performance and if you want to ràce down Subarus get a small turbo-charged car with some decent power like the suzuki swift sport. Your choices will also be Japanese brands at that price

I told you to stop commenting for the sake of it. The Focus RS, Merc GLA45 AMG and all push astronomical numbers with small displacement but are in production and I doubt there is any in Kenya.
I’m talking about Kenyan hoi polloi where every car I front of you is a Toyota and people complain about fuel economy on 2.0 engines.

CRV is a different platform and cannot be compared to a Premio. But I get your point.

But when we are talking about anything below 2.0 N/A let’s leave kick out of the discussion.

cheki hii honda fit RS…

1500cc, 2011, $4400 C&F up to Mombasa port with QISJ inspection …






Nowhere did you say, your statement is for the hoi polloi. Check again. You just gave a general statement which you now seem to recognize is erroneous. And don’t doubt…these cars are in Kenya but they don’t come cheap either. It’s you who should stop commenting for the sake of it. It’s also good practice to evaluate if the quotes you choose actually make sense before making bullshit citations.

‘A bit of a kick’ simply means abit more power… now if we talking of AMGs or STIs then you could probably use the term ‘Beast’, atleast when compared to most other cars on Kenyan roads.

Anyway, comparatively speaking a 1.8 engine has better power, yani ‘a bit of a kick’ when compared to a 1.5… its all relative

For safe overtaking all it takes is a good sense of judgement, a healthy vehicle and discipline from the driver+vehicle being overtaken.

Most vehicles when [SIZE=5]driven right[/SIZE] will perform efficiently.

True… but even when someone overtakes correctly, a more powerful car will reduce overtaking distances. In general, lower powered cars need greater distance and sense of judgement than higher powered cars

Wtf! It’s never that serious jatelo. Hadi unataja citation

Hehehe again the kick will be in discussion under 2.0. unless your definition of kick is something different from how we know it. Like @Teddy_time has explained above 1.5l cars can have a bit of a kick. I would even say a decent kick. Lets take a Mitsubishi colt ralliart car with a 1.5l engine. It’s turbo-charged and an imported one will cost less than 700k. That car will do 0-100km in 7.4 seconds. Get that right 7.4 seconds. For good measure a 2017 Subaru wrx sti will do that in 5.3 seconds, a BMW M3 about 6 seconds. And a 2018 Mercedes benz c200 will do about 7.5 seconds. So do you think the Mitsubishi lacks a kick. I can do similar numbers for the Suzuki swift sport. So these cars lack a kick. And hey tell me which common cars above 2.0 have a kick and I will get you the numbers and a similar performance under 2.0l