Best business to start with kshs 100k

I get most guys here asking ukiwa na 100k what business can u start n earn your money back ?

Ever asked yahself why calcare are flooded ? It’s because there is still a niche in this field … U don’t need to be a technician to start this … All u need is equipment na ujue riverroad vizuri , then hire a young fundi … Slayboys love this kind of hustle …

Let’s look at the cost of basic things …

  1. Mic B.P 5/= fix at 100/=
  2. Speaker B.P @ 30-45/= u fix @150/=
  3. Charging system @30/= fix @ 300/=
  4. Hot air machine 5000/=
  5. Solder - 500/=
  6. Screen protectors - 30/= sell @100-200/=
  7. Screens @200-500/= fix @1100-2500/=
  8. Tools (screws) complete set @150/=
  9. Mobile accessories budget @40k ujaze shop , i.e chargers , earphones , etc u buy this stuff @30-100/= , for example a charger buy @120/= sell @300-800/=

The most important part is location …where do u set this shop ? Let yah eyes do the judgement depending uko wapi …

Daily earning ikipick 2000-5000 per day .
Note /// u can add an mpesa if uko na more capital and sell those cheap China phones za 1000/= buy @400/=

Calcare ni nini? Hiyo earning ni net profit ama ni revenues?

Daily profit

Then people are jokers if this hassle has such crazy returns. For 100K, damn!

Watu Kusema hakuna kazi ni ufala wako nayo? This can be bought by a group with hizi youth development funds

Yap assuming wapewe 300k

Bado hata sielewi hii biashara ni nini. I think Orginal Post could have been written with a lot more clarity. Reselling Mobile Phone accessories?

Tembeza kiatu nanii,…


I bet you are typing this on your employer’s computer.

Unajua kenye unasema.

Mujamaa be nice

Hii kazi ukiweka location fiti unapocket upto 10k jioni

Only patly true… I am my own employer.

No. I’ll be true here and say no.

But I have heard groups get upto 100K alafu wanaanza table banking. I wager setting up shop that gives 3K a day is way more profitable

MachaaWaHadithi wewe kweli ni hassler

In business, try not to take things in face value. A true businessman will not assess a business as making 3k a day but maybe monthly income. It is ridiculously up and down daily even when it seemed to straight forward to start. You will find in 1 year you only had two 3k days.

Hii mtu stories zake huwa za bhangi na mogoka,

Hustler kama sisi money per day really matters alot.

Alaf yote inaenda luthuli kwa maliar

Hii job hurudisha bro i hve a guy anaendanga home na 3k daily yeye anaunda speakers speakers cabinet ana assemble pia amplifiers na anaunda pia tvs woofeers