Best bank account

I am changing my bank account after frustrations and long queues in my bank.
Please advise on
1)Best transactional account- for depositing and withdrawing any time i want
2)Best savings account
All advice is welcome

Why not withdraw through your phone man.

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Find one of this small banks mostly Nigerians. If you keep your balance more than 10k you get interest monthly and if you are a regular user you wnt be charged atm withdrawal fees

i had considered that but then i got scared after the associations west Africans have with money laundering. Didn’t want to be caught in such murky waters with my cash

@Ebru am already connected to mobile money but still you need the bank for deposits, loans and many other small errands

Leave Nigerians go for the small stable banks

Like which one bro?

Go for family bank, and sign up for Mobile banking. No long queues plus they have a very efficient CSR- The family Group Foundation. My son is a beneficiary.

Caution: You are likely to make obscene withdrawals during a night out with the boys.

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UBA is a start but it’s Nigerian. Kenya would request you to head old monkeys advice

Dont go to coop bank. i noticed they charged me for deposits over the counter ( who does that nowadays)

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Agreed…Family bank is superb

No bank charges for over the counter deposit so coop must be the exception.

Family Bank it is, especially for biashara.

naskianga family bank is owned by uhuru

For loans, family bank mtasumbuana coz they don’t give unsecured.
Just go to Barclays where there are no Q’s, they charge fixed amount per account and it’s very easy to get a good unsecured loan. Also some of their branches operate up to 8pm, mobile banking is very cheap (10 bob) and online banking is very secure.

Mobile banking achana nayo unless ur disciplined financially. Had to disable mine juu i kept withdrawing n wasted the money on upus stuff

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Not sure but I doubt. Ya kina uhuru ni CBA.

That’s a plain white lie. I took an exact loan from them a while back na ndio namaliza kulipa sasa. It all depends on the nature of your income and whether they have a M.o.U with your employer.:slight_smile:

If you’ve been in business for at least a year, you’ll also get very attractive asset finance terms, but they do not offer the same for start-ups.

Services at Barclays have become too sloppy. Customers are always complaining of many small unnecessary errors.Their facebook page is full of shocking complaints.

Reminds me of a pal’s ordeal last year at Barclay’s TRM. He was robbed shortly after withdrawing. CCTV footage clearly showed that one of the cashiers, the one who served him, was in collusion with the thugs.:frowning: