Best Action Movies

I’ve generally watched a lot of action movies so I would like hear which are some of the best action movies the villagers have watched.

I generally like very fast paced action movies which is why I really love spy movies except James Bond that has shown lesser and lesser fights during the Daniel Craig era.

So I will go on to rank some of the most action packed spy movies I’ve watched.

Note: A lot of classics will be missing here since this is from the top of my head and I’ve tried putting down only recent ones

  1. The Bourne Series(2002-2016)
  • A Matt Damon classic which is so action packed that it makes James Bond look stupid with his swanky suits, fancy gadgets and expensive martinis.
  • I just finished re-watching this from Bourne Identity, the 2002 release and still awaiting for the latest release coming this year.
  • This film has so much quick hand to hand combat and the fact that it’s a man against the government and a bunch of serial assassins it makes you even fantasize you are the one pulling the moves.

If you haven’t watched this. Please do and if you hate it. Feel free kuacha some insults below.

  1. James Bond. - Daniel Craig era has been very boring though.
  2. Mission Impossible. Not much here. Another high budget blockbuster like James Bond but watchable.
  3. The Man from U.N.C.L.E(2015) - very nice fights but extremely exaggerated. Very thrilling though
  4. Bridge of Spies.(2015) Zero action but has a very good story. I was thrilled when Mark Rylance got his Oscar earlier this year.
  5. KingsMan: The Secret Service(2014) - James Bond ripoff but very very very nice action scenes.
  6. Safe House(2012) - Any movie that has Denzel I will always enjoy.

Non Spy Movies

  1. The Raid Redemption(2012 && 2014) - Holy Fuck. Literally no story but the fight scenes :eek: ! No wonder it got a lot of acclaim from Hollywood despite being an Indonesian film…which I still can’t believe. Shit…Hapa kuna vita kwelikweli.

  2. Lone Survivor(2013) - This movie was more exciting and emotional for me than Hurt Locker which won several oscars. One of the best army movies for me. 4 men against endless Taliban soldiers. Beware: the weak ones may cry.

  3. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi(2016) - A bunch of soldiers protect an american embassy and CIA station in Libya against rebels. If you like Lone Survivor, you will enjoy this one.

  4. Sicario(2016) - shows war and the impact it has on the people involved. I hope they get an oscar.

  5. Mad Max Fury Road (2015)- Very different from the usual action movies but action packed. Tom Hardy and that South African woman did justice to this one. One of the best if not the best Tom Hardy performance.

  6. Matrix - If you have not watched this, wewe sijui unafanya nini kwa hii thread.

  7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier(2014) - I hate super hero movies. But this was quite something. The only superhero movie I have enjoyed together with Deadpool(scroll downwards)

  8. DeadPool(2016) - I generally don’t like people blowing wind, throwing webs blah blah blah. Plus it was more comedy than action. But the fact that it is in the top 10 among the best movies I have watched this year goes to show how the quality of movies, like hiphop, has really gone down.

  9. Undisputed - The only movie on this list that can match the amount of body combat here is Raid Redemption. Jump straight to Undisputed 3 and you will have an action packed day.

To also include in this list:

  1. ANYTHING that Denzel has acted

Now I can’t list everything, but I would love to hear some of the best picks from the villagers and what they think of the list


hii list umeiba wapi? Sicario got nominated for 3 oscars which it lost

London has fallen…

List ni yangu.

Aah…yeah. Sorry about that. Sicario was a 2015 movie. It was nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Original Score and Best Sound Editing but 2015 had some really good oscar type movies so it was definately doomed to fail. Mad max excelled here though

This was a good one for 2016 but definitely not a movie that I will recall 2 years or a year from now. But I don’t think it can compare with any movie above.

Good comparison for this would be:

  1. Olympus Has Fallen(2013)
  2. White House Down(2013)

But it is a good watch

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Michael Bay movies suck cock.

[SIZE=4]13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi(2016) is the best 2016 war movie for me so far. It was lightly based on an actual event and it was also not heavily exaggerated.[/SIZE]

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is hardcore Henry out yet?

it has but I have not watched it yet. But it would be really nice kind to watch on 3D or Oculus Rift since it’s a first person movie. I haven’t seen any movie of this type yet so I will definitely have to check it out

undisputed 2 was the best in the series.michael jay white is one bad maafaka

The last scene of Undisputed 2 was definately something to remember. But unfortunately the rest of Undisputed 2 did not have a lot of fights. I also liked that it
Undisputed 3 on the other hand, was action, action, action and more action. Action everywhere

Fury was really good

Good stuff.
Some of these asian movies are quite fantastic like The Raid Redemption and The protector. Lots of martial arts.
My choice though has always been the Epic adventure war films; the likes of Troy, 300, Lord of the rings trilogy and similar kinds…


I hope that you’re talking about the short film ‘king fury’. :wink:

Shaolin Vs Lama. Tiger in Eagle Shadow. Shaolin vs Praying Mantis. Snake Shadow… Ama wacha tu

No Retreat No Surrender
American Ninja

worst action movie ever ikianza ilikuwa na potential but once walianza american propaganda ikaturn into a load of bull no offense

clearly hauja ona bad boys 2

in my books blood diamond, letters from iwo jima, deadpool,wind talkers, face off na all three matrix ndo the best action movies ever oh na bridge at remagen

And Ip Man 3 is underrated …the fight scene between Yen and Mike Tyson was awesome and professional