is a scam

There is this new social network in Kenya that calls itself,the admin has scaming the users to compete for 30k when they refer their friends to the network trough a referral link, when one of your friends sign up you gain some points, the person with highest points at the end of the day will get 30k!!! Daily for 100days .According to the one of the user at her name “Molly Sly” said that the admin himself adds points to users not the system as he claims,she added saying that the admin himself creates some parody accounts which will win 30k at the end the day, after she realize this she tries to inform others in the network but she was kicked out and named “con Man”
And this what he posted to the network
Guys Read This Before being Deleted
Guys you mean you don’t see anything fishy with this 30k thing? In kenya there is no free money, i joined beshte two weeks ago but i have learned alot with the people who also joined same time with me, we tried to make this social network greate but we’re taken as fools.Admin operates multiple accounts where he adds up points because he controls everything so be aware and let no one take you as a fool!! Why introduce adding ups of points where else there are refferals links, this is just to confuse us, keep us busy in here and busy refferings friends here.
Truth is bitter “”

can’t relate


your story

The house, or is it admin, always wins…

-------------------------------------------->>>> kilimani mums

Beshte ni ngozi ya rasa

Tunajua unapenda rasa sana.
Sio lazima uiite beshte

Those liars sent me a text message saying join site, first ten win 100k. Blocked the number instantly.

How do people get my number, maaaaaan?

Ohh nimechanuka



I am the founder and owner of First off, the person called Molly Sly, who is actually the author of this article, was banned from our site because of scamming people in our site. If in any doubt, I urge you to go to our site and see the warning that were posted on our official page plus his photo and his email address and real name. He is called Edwin.
Second, how can we be a scam yet we do ask money from anyone??? Ours is just a new social media site and we do not interact with members in any way. Thirdly, our promotions do not involve 30k, neither have we ever done it that way. Our promotions are weekly and winners get paid on Saturday. For any queries, contact me at or just write to me on [email protected]
I am willing to engage anyone in an open forum, incliding here

Ok thenks.

Stupit shiit

who is giving out 30k for free …isnt that looking fishy?

So I tried it out this week… On Monday,Tuesday was still good…but close to the end of the competition end… People skyrocketed from nowhere to gain points… One hitting 5000 in less than 5 days… I gave up on Wednesday when I saw this, realised that he does add points to fake accounts… I ended up finishing outside the top 20 in the end… I repeat,don’t waste your time and resources here

nimeng’olewa pia nikiwa no. 4

nilingolewa jana nikiwa no.14 nimeamini