Bernard Tonui , hujuma kweli

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Travelled to Cheleget village in Bomet County to bury Kenya’s hero Recce squad Bernard Tonui who was killed while rescuing Garissa University students. The men who flew to Garissa to spectate while RECCe squad travelled by road didn’t attend the funeral. Bomet’s Governor is Isaac Ruto,he was also the area MP for 10 years. The area has no electricity,water or even roads and all the elected leaders arrived at the funeral using choppers. Three choppers landed to “witness” Tonui’s funeral. Tonui was in the police service for 18 years and twice he was trained in the USA. The government spent millions training him but by the time of his death he was earning about Ksh 36000 ($400). Police officers do not have life insurance and the medical cover they were supposed to get hasn’t been effected. Tonui meagre salary could only be enough to build a mud walled house for his wife Nelly and their four kids. The politicians arrived late,got the best seats,politicked for so long and they had to be begged to stop so the burial could happen before 6pm. Once the time came to bury Tonui,the politicians with their poorly paid bodyguards disappeared. Tonui is one of the many police officers who sacrifice their lives for us but once they’re buried we move on. A dead politician is worth millions in compensation,a dead cop gets a coffin and a lorry to transport the body. Police officers deserve better.


Very sad indeed.Will we ever learn?

hii ni huzuni

That is Kenya for you. I have vowed that in 2017 or 2018, I will not vote for any politician.

The tragedy that daily unfolds over here. Those who do the most important of jobs get paid the least, unfortunately. I know it’s no consolation but at least they got a body to bury. There’re numerous families of officers who served in the former NEP during the turbulent 70s & 80s who lost their loved ones in the line of duty and never saw their bodies to this day. I know. I lost an uncle there. Sad doesn’t even begin to explain it. Fare thee well Tonui.


so sad

Yaani the highly trained recce squad gets paid 36 k, that sad

Africa’s banana republics

there was a lister who explained that situation very well during the teachers strike

People are the problem thats the kind of leaders they want and they will have them. Its not going to change. the masses are feminine. Its upon you to decide where you want to be. do you want to be higher on the ladder and minding your own business or you wanna stick to complaining about clever people taking advantage of dumb people. I always say african countries are a result of very intelligent people in a chess game with absurdly dumb masses. “Ni heri kupatana na simba asubuhi kuliko kupatana na mtu mjinga”


I think time has come for police if necessary to use force in demanding that the government treat them right by giving them proper equipment to do their job,better pay and better working conditions.
R.I.P Tonui

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Ruto has represented this place in parliament for more than ten years…mbona wanampigia kura kila mara? we need education for the masses…not only the three Rs, but we need to know our rights…until that day comes our pooliticians majority of whom we voted for will never change…very sad nenda vyema Tonui

Aje attempt a coup?..Industrial action would be better.

Politicians are the only ones people can listen to. Try educating people on real things uone kama hautachapwa marisasi zingine mob sana. unless you are armed to the teeth dont try educating or giving people any kind of teaching or prophecy. The people you are trying to educate will gang up with their enemy and kill you or maim you(ujinga ni mbaya sana, ni heri kupatana na simba). Uliza yesu kama huamini. All unarmed prophets come to grief. Mohammed new better after hearing the story of his comrade. He made his own arsenal before proclaiming himself a prophet and going on selling people twisted ideas.

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Fare thee well Tanui…
Even the paid media gave his legacy a blind eye…
Proud to b a kenyan but never proud of kenya

It is so sad, @moderncorps on twitter had to do an online fundraiser for Tonui’s widow. This country is an epic failure in so many ways.

May he R.I.P he died for the love of kenyans , The government should take care of the siblings.

Me too

Industrial action is the best but for me it should be something strong enough to send shock waves through the political class.

It is exactly that parochial attitude of the so called middle class that has led to Kenya and other African countries to end up with buffons for leaders yet it is the same class that’s always affected by any regime change…poor remain poor the rich get richer the middle class slips into poverty for most of them lose jobs, can’t get the tu small tenders they usually get and can’t finance their loans…