Benz matatus Nrb - Msa

Has anyone sampled this vehicles? are they comfortable? alafu hio bei.

I have been in the Kisumu one, very comfortable.

inabeba watu wangapi?

Not sure, kitu 15. There is enough leg room which is the most important thing when going on long journeys.

1500 coast hawachomeki?

It carries 18, I have seen those that go to Western at Taveta Rd.

dont think they will make it on Mombasa route, hii barabara iko na wenyewe.

ambulances! very comfy!

cool as fuck…then horizon na comfort are always on top and very affordable. waeza ata jisahau ukafart ama kuamka ukakojoe

Any ideas on the maintenance aspect as a matatu (quick availability to minimize downtimes?) I have thought of them but someone discouraged me. kuna moja ya route ya kisumu imesumbua mwenyewe vibaya. Sold a pickup to keep it on the road and is now selling a shamba to stay afloat. The guy who confided in me is a seat fabricator who had made its seats. And it is a KBY.


Ngumu, it has a very small engine. 2200 cc turbodiesel. The current 7l Diesel Hiace is pegged at 3000 ccs

Looks like a mercedes benz sprinter to me and it has a tried and tested history behind it. Hii ndiyo probox/pickup ya Europe and if you doubt its speed on that Mombasa highway then you don`t know why its called a Sprinter.
If you ever noticed what TV channels use to ferry their equipment when there is breaking news anywhere with the satelite dish on board,this is it.



hii huwezi weka in same class na Shark… its longer higher faster and generally more comfortable juu suspension yake ni ya a people carrier not an all purpose van, bei yake pia itakuwa juu

Mercedes Sprinter 2007 and 2008 model price about 2.3m to 2.5m

That’s very true. I hav an uncle who acquired one vile zile toka saa hii iko juu ya mawe. Hii ndai ni sumbua kuruka, sii kupata spare parts, servicing yake ni expensive plus hizi barabara za nchi yetu ain’t doing it justice…

However you look at it hii ni Mercedes and there has never been anything cheap about Mercedes. Quality comes at a price and unless Mercedes Benz invests seriously in maybe having a production factory in Kenya ama East Africa in general, you can expect to pay extortionist prices for parts because they are expensive as it is even in Europe never mind slapping import duty on them. VW (volks wagen) actually are winning the popularity contest with a similar looking van in Europe and its more basic without too much madiodo but i would personally rather buy a Ford Transit LWB which is just as good for half the cost in running.


is dt dobie supporting the vw crafter? i have seen them advertising it. It is a direct competitor to the sprinter. And isnt dt dobie the franchise holder for the benz? Anyone whocan confirm whether dt dobie support the sprinter 311/316/319 CDI models which are what is available saa hizi.

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