ICC PETITION REGISTRATION NUMBER: OTP-CR-322/17 against National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka has been filed at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Kenneth Otieno and Martin Nkari, the chairman and secretary of the International Policy Group (IPG), have jointly instructed a Canadian law firm Watson Jacobs McCreary LLP to formally ask ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to launch investigations into the leading lights of the opposition (RAILA AND KALONZO)

Canadian law firm, Watson Jacobs McCreary LLP, submitted papers to the ICC court and they were formally received by Ms Patricia Castro, and then onto the Prosecutor’s office. An ICC official in an email sent on Friday at 4:41pm is seen confirming that the petition had been filed and registered under OTP-CR-322/17.

I hope while at it someone will be held responsible whenever unarmed civilians get killed by cops.

Hii tuliona, wacha battalion ikupate, but still at it sobriety must reign

Things will turn around . These are scare tactics to slow down the demands for iebc reforms.

Raila anafanya watu wanajikunia

NASA can file that at the ICC to. Ama nyamunya gani ?


I thought ICC are impartial and will come to look out for crimes against humanity from whichever side, or how do these things work?

I thought we were not supposed to involve "declining imperial powers’ in our local disputes ?

i see people complaining now that they are getting a dose of their own medicine…

Shuttle diploMercy

we have a division of the High Court that was specifically created to handle crimes against humanity, the ICC route is closed, after all we are a sovereign nation and we swore to never have one of our own shipped off to a foreign land.

Anthony Tom Oluoch jana alisema kwa demonstration hakuna vicarious liability ama it applies to one side only?

Uyo ata sijui ni nani…what I care about is anybody committing crime against liability to be held responsibly thought I lost my faith in ICC given how they handled the Kenyan cases and the expose about Uhuru and Ocampo that was done this weekend.

Bukusu Chiloba amekaa ngumu hadi babuon amekimbia kwa wazungu na bakuli kuomba pesa ya kung’oa yeye.

Halafu how is it that weta cant stand in Bungoma and say chiloba and chabukati must go?

mp mathare. People will be held liable but not vicariously

I pity kalonzo and orengo… Seems like they dont know Raila