Benji exposed ( hot damsel )

Kindly senior chiefs, stop texting this ladies, kukienda vibaya exposure itakuwa mbaya saidi. Subject still exposing upto now, it’s terrible.


what exactly is happening here??

Wazee tumekaa kando:
Halafu tuambiwe TL ni nini?

ok i get it now. nimeona :D:D
dame anaweka texts kutoka 2016…

Time Line

Ladies, moto wa kuotea mbali, his boy wanted to dinya Passaris [ATTACH=full]240679[/ATTACH]

Exposing someone will not make you cuter! Stupid Bitch!!!

Nimefloat. The hell

Lady is having a field day.

Kumbe huyo BenjiNdolo na kihehere yake yote pale twirra hana bibi? wololo!

evidently! including the picture of the mboch he was apparently rarua-ing ameweka pia…

Utasikia jamaa sasa anarun for MP juu hii scandal imemfanya akakuwa famous.

Niko na kafeeling huyo jamaa alimnyima chenye alikua anataka…either pesa ama favour…Anajaribu blackmail…hope kimjinga hakikutuma nudes…

Sielewi kitu ,

Can you guys explain to us eodas what the hell is going on here!

The only male political pundits I respect in Kenya is Dismas Mukua and Steve Ogolla wengine woooooteee ni takataka taka taka ,mapepo zinawafuatwa blah blah

There is also this jaruo lawyer whose name I can’t recall.

Not really…Benji already has a name…his late dad’s name…and his mum is still loaded and respected…he can still stand without scandals. Benji is someone I would call a ‘friend’ since we are in same social circles and worked together on several projects for over 3 years…but an a utoto and I always tell him that…if i was this dude i would lie low…really low

And David Ndii

who’s his dad?