Benelli TNT 150, 250 & 300 motorcycles


Does anybody own or have experience with these bikes, specifically the Benelli TNT 150, 250 or 300.
Looking to buy one in future and I want to get any and all feedback before I pull the trigger.

  • Will spare parts be an issue
  • How reliable are they
  • Would you recommend a 150 CC bike or is that too weak…
    Vitu kama izo, your help would be gretly appreciated.

Hata mimi nawezataka kujua bei na kadhalika. Inakaa kuwa poa sana

Bei najua,
TNT 150 around 160k
TNT 250 around 250k
TNT 300 around 350k
The number in the name represents the CC of the bike.

What I would like to know is the experience of owning one or riding one.

@crazywizard kuom kiasi.

Ni bike fit saidi but support from the local dealer is wanting.

In what sense, kindly share any and all knowledge you have, nataka kujua all I can.

Only Bike worth it is the Yamaha DT
Even the pinkies will agree (drool) on this one

If its Indian, apana guza. If Chinese, its not a bad compromise. However, if you are looking for the best biking experience, stick to the beaten path, which is Japanese. A bike that breaks down unexpectedly many kilometers away from home is worse than a cheating wife.

Kawasaki ninjA 1000

They’re good Italian bikes.
Can’t argue with the build quality.
Local dealers are the Chinkus who sell Captain nduthis.
Useless kabisa.
You buy, order your service parts and keep. Get a good mech.

I got a dt 175 iko poa but consumption iko on the roof.
Resale value yake pia imekuwa wasiwasi.

I own a TNT 300. This is my take.

  1. The dealer ni matope sana. Logbook took half a year as they jerked me around. Also the fine print in the sales agreement clearly states that the seller shall not warrant any (manufacturer) defects. Spares ordering is a game of hide and seek and on average takes 2 months from the dealer. You only buy a Benelli if you can support it yourself.
  2. The price of the bike is currently the most competitive for a new bike in Kenya for it’s class. I buy my service parts from a Genuine OEM supplier on Alibaba and I get it serviced by an ex-dealer employee who worked in the assembling of these bikes locally and thoroughly understands them. Spare parts is only an issue of you plan on dropping the bike or crashing it. Otherwise, ruka pale Alibaba, order your Genuine service kits, allow for 2-3 weeks and collect from Posta. Zero hussle.
  3. Fuel consumption is a bit on the higher side, having calculated mine at average of 27-29 KPL but the bike is very sufficient for town riding and commute. The suspension is comfy and it has preload and damper adjustment capable of handling the bad Nairobi roads(though this means more wear and tear). The rear monoshock is superb and should last you 100,000KM if you ride on smooth roads and do not carry them heavy girls. A replacement is USD150. The power is sufficient for town riding and the sound is superb.
  4. General build quality on the Benelli is very good. They have not cheaped out on parts and everything fits in together nice and tight. No rattles and noises(read Apache). In the longterm, this will depend on whether you drop the bike and the road surface you ride on. Also, do proper service(not a Kenyan oil and filter service), that involves inspection of all joints, tightening, chain and sprocket inspection and tightening, electrical inspection, etc. Use the correct oil(I almost lost my gears because of a mech who didn’t know the right oil and level) and always clean and lube your chain with chain lube for longevity, otherwise you’ll keep buying chains and sprockets.
  5. The downside of this bike is the attention you get, at least for me. Also the weight at 183KG dry is on the heavier side but it comes with a huge 16L tank. While originally this bike should come with Pirelli tires, the local dealer/assembler has replaced them for some Chinese nylon tires with good dry grip but will take you to an early grave at the slightest whiff of a rainy drizzle. They have also upsized the rear tire. I would advice a tire change as your first thing to do just for the safety of it.

N/B: It has been said a million times but I will say it again, DO NOT cheap out on safety. Stow away the papermache dealer issued helmet and invest in a proper DOT(or SNELL) approved helmet and good riding jacket. I cannot stress enough about this, especially the helmet, or you’ll just be another grim statistic on the road.

Hope this helps.


Dude, you’re complaining about fuel consumption on a 175 two-stroke?
Si you just buy a shaving machine bas?


Thanks for the detailed post, this is what I wanted.

  1. I’ve been to their showroom on Thika road, so I know what you mean, one of the ladies there didn’t even know the specs or any info other than the name of the bike and yet she’s there selling them. I got a big sense of incompetence when I was dealing with them.
  2. I can support this bike myself no problem, I’m a quick learner an love mechanical stuff.
  3. Avoid dem big girls, got it.
  4. I’m good with general maintenance and service, i.e chain lubing, oil change, filter change etc But will definitely keep in mind everything else you’ve mentioned.
  5. What kind of attention do you get, kindly elaborate.

And I’m well aware of the importance of gear, won’t skimp on it, but it’s still important to mention it.

Good. I can share the English version Owners and Service manual. It will have all the details you need to keep your bike running well and for long. The one sold with the bike is in Italian. Also, break in the engine properly, it will determine the longevity of your engine.

Thanks a lot for the 411.

But on your Points 2 & 4 above, who then is a local mech that you can recommend?

Please do share the English manual. Thanks.

Following. I have always admired the freedom a motorbike gives

Niaje Duke of Muhoroni

Kindly share that, I’d really appreciate it.
And what did you mean when you said “The downside of this bike is the attention you get”?