Ben Kitili woes and how to avoid such pitfalls

Men never learn.

Do not marry a woman whom many guys admire and lust for - fuk them proper to your satisfaction and let them remain your sidechicks but usiwaoe. Let other guys clean up after you. Let other beta males pay the price for the emotional labor of keeping such women in LTRs. As a man who values his peace of mind go for a very average looking woman who does not place ‘her beauty’ on a pedestal. After all, past 50 years ALL AFRICAN WOMEN look like gorillas and zombies- haijalishi if she was a model at her prime. So tafuta a humble woman who does not think her beauty keeps the world revolving; not these slay queens wenye wanaanika matako kila mahali.

There is a good reason why escorts, pornstars, malaya wa uptown and hollywood actresses are very attractive but no sane man can dare wife them. These are women whom despite being luscious and attractive, the world does not view them through the veil of supposed naivety.

And remember, hoteli mzuri huliwa na watu wengi.

Shout out to my boy and former room-mate Ngepa who used to service this Amina chick when she was 22 years old pale JKUAT. You, my friend, sampled the goods when they were still as fresh as newly milked dairy.

So, are we not going to look at the character of the woman, the cues that us as men can look at prior to know she is planning this or she is hiding this trait ect… when did they start dating? and if she has agreed to long term dating, why then would he bother with marriage… absolutely pointless, and was she a single matha going into the relationship or are both her kids hers?

:D:D:D:D u remind me of an uncle who married the village beauty in the 90s after dumping the 1st wife whom, he had sired kids with. Saa hii huyo mwanamke anakaa shosho yako buda. Diabetes and renal failure have really taken a toll on her ‘once perishable beauty’. It’s very important to prioritize character, brains, and moral-upbringing when searching for a wife, i.e if u really have to get married.

She was not a SM but 90% of her buddies are singo mathas. I know her personally.

My point is that Ben married a loose woman under the auspices that she is hot forgetting that hotness burns just for a short while.

bruv, so she was going out on these girls night outs, and posting pictures of her with all different guys claiming that each one was a best friend… I found her insta, that girl was deffo cheating on him!

BTW do we have any examples we can apply directly instead of pitfalls to avoid, cause if we continually get things not to do we could end up missing out on things to do… otherwise this thread is still good bro!

Hawa madem wanakulwa sana hii jiji. The losers in such settings inakuanga mwanaume mwenye amefuga hio kunguru. We live in a cursed generation where promiscuity has been normalized.

Avoid ugly girls at all cost especially when marrying. Imagine dealing with an ugly woman that got shitty attitude. Go and marry beautiful girls and tame them well.Shida ya wanaume when around beautiful girls is they pedestal them , spend most of their time with them and are afraid to call them out when she has crossed red line.To make matters worse inaanza kuambia dem mrembo how "lucky " he is to have her around.:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:
Make her look shiit infront of your eyes and show her despite her beauty there is always better looking woman than her i can leave you for…if she threatens to leave dont stand on her way…

The first pitfall and telltale sign that you are dealing with a kunguru is a woman who is very active on social media. Women already get innundated with excessive male attention in real life, so why else would she need 10K followers to validate her existence?

Those u call ‘ugly girls’ are most of the time very humble because they already know securing a mate is an uphill task. What u need in your home is stability - not a woman that every tom, harry and john is trying to fak

You are very wise my brother. Young men should normalize showing these women a middle finger wakianza madharau ndogondogo

She is humble until she secures her position in marriage I.e akuzalie…after that she turns out obese ugly and shitty…go marry beautiful girls especially rural ones and tame them well …and also be ready always for her to leave you anytime…show her she is replaceable anytime.

For this Kitili guy, the odds already were stack against him, saa ya kutombewa bibi ni ile time jamaa anasoma news kwa TV, yaaani he wont be showin up by surprise! Jeeez! :eek:

Nothing as bad as marrying a woman who all the men want. She knows ukikosana na yeye. theres a rich dude around the corner. She will put no effort for you. So see how many men leave beautiful women and wonder why.


Thats a dog life son

Hehehe u are crazy

Upuss… has nothing to do with with her behaviour. Bibi yako kama ni wakukulia atakuliwa .


Ben married a loose woman

Kindly, indulge me how do you find out she is loose or otherwise…?