Ben carson eyes americas presidency

While talking to the ‘ The Hugh
Hewitt Show ’, Dr Carson made
clear that there was a high
possibility he will be in the race.
The radio show is broadcast in the
state of California by more than 75
radio stations.
When asked by Mr Hugh Hewitt,
the host of the show, on the
likelihood of him vying, Dr Carson
“I think the chances are
reasonably good of that happening.
I’m waiting for a few more
months. I want to make sure that
it’s clearly something my fellow
Americans want me to do. And I’m
also waiting to see what the
results are in November, because
if the people indicate that they
truly do want a nation that is for,
of and by the people, then I, along
with many other people, would be
willing to give it everything we
possibly have.”
Dr Carson has, however, said he
will not make an official statement
before May 2015. But there is
already a Facebook account, ‘Dr
Ben Carson for President’, in
support of his ambitions.
The two books were popular in the
1990s and at the beginning of the
millennium. Other than the two,
he has other four bestsellers.
Dr Carson was credited with being
the first surgeon to successfully
separate conjoined twins joined at
the head in 1987. In 2008, he was
awarded the Presidential Medal of
Freedom by President George W.
At 33, he became the youngest
director at Johns Hopkins hospital,
when he was appointed Director of
Paediatric Neurosurgery. He was
also a co-director of the Johns
Hopkins Craniofacial Center. He
has since retired from the theatr