Below 35k Laptop needed

Over the weekend some assholes broke into my house and literally stole every electronic item in the house. Assholes also had the time to look for the remotes, items which I see only during the weekly madam visits, the rest of the time they disappear. In the process they took me back to where I was several years ago. Painful it was, but life must go on, ‘Man must live’. Anyway, I need a good NEW laptop in the meanwhile to atleast make the silence bearable. Price range ideally below 35k with good specs, just send/inbox the specs. Thanks in advance.

and it should be below 35k…right??? kunywa maziwa ama ulale uote tena

There is an ignore button my friend. Kindly make use of it. Comprende?

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you are the one who needs it hommie if you cant take the advice…kapish??

The guys you hang around with jo. Anyways try jumia kuna black friday offers.

There are Celeron and Atom based netbooks/laptops around that much.

there are now NEW celeron laptops


Achana na kiherehere kama shoti ya kwanza.


Thanks let me check it out…

Have some civility my friend. Or as advised press the ignore button. Just because this is an anonymous online forum does give you the go-ahead to be a bitch. Sawa?

Leta 30k nikupitishie Taifa laptop mlango ya nyuma

Try this site though I have never bought anything from them but I can see they have good offers


Hello @Joey i really feel your pain, pole sana bro its not easy but you will overcome one day at a time.
Good news is i deal with all types of laptops and other forms of electronics,. I have served a number of KTALK members. Just ask around.
I can inbox you specs and more details

Kijana mwezi imekuja mapema ama?

Please do. If the specs are good and price friendly. I wont hesitate to reach to you.

There he is, don’t go no where, don’t look now where, you’ve just replied to the real deal