Being Selofu Employed

As much as we all view the Grass as being ‘greener’ on the other side, it’s adrenaline filled to be an Entrepreneur.

Just came across some stewards from a ‘big’ hotel casually demeaning a waiter plus the owner in a local. I bluntly told em waache kujiita ‘hoteliers’ and if any of them has cahones let them quit employment ajaribu afungue hata kibanda take tumtambue. Ferkers


Employed folks won’t last a day

Wacha kuuzia watu uoga.

Only men with ballz of steel venture out to self employment…Salute to all self employed maafakaz hata kama ni biz ya mandas or mahindi choma…God bless the works of your hands my nigs.

8-4-4 did a number on kenyans. Employment as the only path forward for millions of kenyans

Africans are generally too emotional around money. Couple that with a fucked up education system and a shitty misinformed social support system and you have a boiling cauldron of missed opportunities, frustrations, uncertain future, mediocrity name them. Methinks it is high time we started teaching our kids that there at several ways of making money if money is your problem.

Running a restaurant is not a joke. Hebu start by watching Gordon Ramsay’s show Kitchen Nightmares…hiyo show ilinibamba sana back in the day.

Any biz selling a product huwa tricky, service is where the money is @.

Self employment is not for wankers.
Need sober brains.

The truth!

Sometimes it’s not out of choice, some people have been laid off. It’s sink or swim. Just like being an athlete, a long distance runner for example. If you don’t win or perform well, you have no earnings.

That’s because everyone tries to jump into selling the same thing. Where there’s little loyalty amongst customers.

I sure will.
Someone once told me that the biggest optimist is someone who owns a restaurant.

The only securely self-employed people in Kenya are land lords (apartments), muthurwa/gikomba traders (suppliers, not sellers), those who own large scale means of production in the agricultural sector, folks who own manufacturing plants (agricultural, building materials, etc) and those who own financial institutions such as banks/saccos.

Everyone else is just playing in the 10-20k range.