Being A Supplier To Supermarkets

Kama unataka kuwa supplier wa vitu kwa supa kama Game, Carrefour etc, what’s the onboarding process, what are their payment terms and general ease of working with

All I can tell you for free is that it is a v competetive market, vvv good money to be made and all dat, but YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHO IS WHO up the chain else a smoother talking person comes along and you lose your contract just like that. A lot of brown nosing to be done too.
This happened to a good friend of mine. Had contracts to supply food stuff to a mainline supermarket chain and was rolling in big money, real big money. Bought a good house in the leafy 'burbs…put kids in expensive schools and was living it large. FF lost the big contracts and was now in debt, serious debt. Usitake kujua vile kulienda…but some of us lost some serious money as we tried to bail her out!
Na sitaki kusikia how she did not plan ahead! In short best know the sharks v well before you take a deep dive.

The purchase team guys?

Never ever…especially for newcomers.kama huna connections pale accounts so that you give them a small share/profit ndo pesa zako zitoke haraka sana…otherwise utangoja 2030 for payments

Hii Kenya watu hawaezi ona unamake serious money and just let you continue in peace. They either copy paste tour business model or deal with you. You can’t escape them. As you, know the sharks very well

All goods kwa supa unataka kuniambia wanaonana za macho?

Inaonekana hujui Kenya yetu wewe. Do your research v well, before embarking huko and have a god father at the top. Someone who will be ‘okaying’ your contracts and thwarting competition on your behalf…and not for free
My friend is a young pretty educated thing na lazima angetoa ‘nguo’.
Another thing…do not make it your only hustle and save big once the cheques come thru. There is a lot of money to be made sometimes in millions depending on what you want to supply…but you will need to put in your money 1st for the initial supply.
What products are you looking at if I may ask?

i worked in this company some years ago,they were supplying daily lakini malipo uanenda hq unaambiwa mambo bado,they had not been paid for over 4 months

Many supermarkets work on the basis of you supply, they sell then pay you.
It’s never cash on delivery and unless you have other sources of income to keep the supply going it’s gonna be tough on your finances.

Nakumatt went belly up because of this habit.

What did they eventually do?

it was some years back,i left the company after a few months but i noted you really have to give something ndio cheque zako zisikae sana

In Kenya you must know someone to keep your business going. Na huwezi kula pekee yako