Being a peasant is a very horrible thing.

Today I pray for every talker reading this to defeat the evil of peasantry come next year. Yaani am watching this swearing in, people woke up sijui 3 am to be part of this ceremony only to be tear gassed at the entrance. :smiley: :smiley: Then there are some fuckers just arriving around 10 am, they enter the stadium with a car and are dropped off right in their seats. If you as a person have not yet reached the self actualization stage in your life, NEVER waste your time being the groupies of made men.Your participation should end at the voting stage then back at improving your life. Kweli there is only 2 tribes in Kenya, the haves and the have not. Period. Work hard. Make sure you don’t die being a peasant in this tough country.

[ATTACH=full]141790[/ATTACH] meanwhile shamra shamra pale kiambu… amidst the deplorable living conditions (notice the dilapidated houses on the background) bado kina wamboi kamau et al wame sema tano tena uhuru statehouse

At least the peasants are alive.

Hehe UK lord of poverty

Umesahau wale wameamka kutazama TV badala ya kufanya mambo ya maana.

you mean zile nyumba watu wenye wame ressist rentals zetu za ghorofa wanaishi? lakini hatujawafukuza juu wanatuchungia gate na kupiga magari zetu panel beating

long gone is the days these houses used to be sought out as poor living conditions coming from these part seen many houses well furnished some with multiple rentals in leafy suburbs and still cling to the enviroment seen alot down here


hata wewe unajua nani hukaa huko,and they are the Genesis of kawangware landlords woes

Si unaishi naungwaro na izo conditions uko?Amabiaya usiniquote.

Mimi ni MTU Wa ndeiya

Waa, sema team nasa kiwaru. He he he. Napenda sana.

Blondie ni wwe uyu naona apa makuyu na nduthi ya Tuko Pamoja juu chini?

Did you come up with that all by your idiot self or is that what choo 1 thought for you?

Woke up at 6 went to the gym via that road and it was already crowded. Came back to the house, showered went to my biz in kiambu county made a quick 15k in less than 30mins and was back in the house by 10am.

Tuliza machungu polepole swine.

Yaani unaona mimi naeza ona uchungu because one cunt is being sworn in and another is not :D:D

It’s not my opinion your posts loudly alludes to that fact

TOJ. Nothing is as pathetic as a poor sycophant

Apa kwa plot kuna mzee mwingine mjinga amejipea off job ndio aone graduation ya mkikuyu mwenzake. Bado hajaamini stima imepotea