Behind the skyscrapers in Dubai <-- All dat glitters is not Gold!!

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That’s the norm. Same thing is happening here in our beloved County.

u can say tht again…even in newyork, its the same…they only show th good part, wacha ufike USA ndio utajua ukweli

its us africans who should paint the image we want the world to see of us…, if everytime we are politicking, demonstrating, rioting, hakiyetuing, serikalisaidiaing etc then thats the image that the world will paint of us

Ukifika usa hutapata kibera ama ukosefu wa basic needs,maji stima sewage etc we still have a long way to go

Atleast Kibera guys have a roof on their heads some guys in the US don’t even have that. Don’t be fooled. Normally, behind every big city there is a ghetto. Someone has to do the menial jobs in McMansion style suburbs and thats how ghettos crop up.

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waaaah hizo maFTA ni kibao…

Usidanganywe eti ghetto za majuu usa europe etc nikama za kenya…anybody living kibera style in a first world nikupenda kwake…those menial jobs pay a minimum wage which is decent enough to put you off the ghetto.
Unataka kuniambia behind a city like berlin london new york kuna ghetto kama kibra? Tembea kijana

unaenda out of context kutuonesha umetembea…

Hehehe, sema kuzimwa kama makaa ime kojolewa…

This ghetto doesnt compare to kibera. But I agree that the poor are everywhere. Most of us would be considered very poor in the US, with the only positive aspect of our environment being that some of us here can afford better food than them.
Watch this ross kemp on glasgow UK ndio ujue kuna watu hawawezi saidika. The people here live in better places than most kenyans, but on charity. however, some go back from the charity homes to live under the bridges.


kuja pole pole brazza…point yangu ni huwezi compare poor neighbourhoods za places kama usa na zetu kama kibera…na ndio nimeishi diaspora hapo past rongai

My point was kibera people have a roof on their heads. There are homeless guys in the so called developed countries… They have got nowhere they can lay their heads off… Some live in shitty cars coz in some countries it’s cheaper to get a cheap shitty car than it is to get a rental place. You can imagined sleeping in a non heated car in winter…and yes the wage can’t be compared to kenyan one but don’t forget the cost of living is higher as well.