Behind the scenes, when such life changing mineral wealth is discovered ?

When State house, and other powers that run this nation behind the scene are informed of such discoveries .
I wonder the kind of drooling and wanking they do. Hapa meetings behind closed doors lazima, and then that information is suppressed.

[SIZE=6]Scare as borehole emits flammable gas in Nakuru[/SIZE]

A borehole that was being drilled in Solai, Rongai sub-county, Nakuru, on Saturday gushed out a flammable gas.
The incident left several trees burnt before officers from Solai Police Station and the Nakuru County fire brigade put out the fire at Milmet Farm.
“No casualties were reported but we have alerted the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) geologists to help in sealing the borehole,” said a police officer.
Rongai Deputy Sub-County Commissioner Julius Kavita assured the residents that everything was under control.
“I want to assure the residents that they should not panic as GDC geologists and engineers have taken control of the situation and launched investigations,” said Mr Kavita…

Hizi pictures zimetoka pale Senate, actually the whole post.


Then kuna ile discovered ya kajiado.

It will take at least 2 presidential terms for that to be acted on. Mining cartels have to sort their logistics first, then evict the owner.

Si wamesema ni ya yule mhindi wa Solai? Labda ataambiwa uza shamba ama tuamshe ile kesi.

they will just sell the mining right, most probably the Chinese. and a local company will maintain 30%. remember Sen. Watengular sold the oil blocks in turkkana

I read somewhere this is not uncommon. It even happened here in Kenya sometime last year or whereabout. Earth is full of methane. Whether or not its commercially viable is another story.

Methane isn’t a game changer though, propane ndio mambo yote

We now have oil in Turkana but petrol prices never went down…#wajingaNyinyi

Is that idiot trying to put out methane gas flame with water in a bottle?

You expected 2,000 barrels a day from Turkana to move the needle in a country that consumes over 100,000 barrels a day?