What’s the problem with Kenyans? I have received too many calls from respectable working Kenyans for cash… It is embarrassing that they all expect to be given and not for working… All men… Not that women are better on this… What is the problem with us?

We live beyond our means.

On that note I think the thread ought to close, perfect answer.

i have some relatives who mambo yao is just going to fancy places eating and posting for the gram. Kisha kazo ni kulalamika mbona maisha yao hayasongi mbele. They have absolutely given up on life over here and are thinking of going to europe somehow.

I want to grant them their wish and facilitate their journey kisha niwaache wahustle wenyewe huko mimi nikihustle mwenyewe huku.

Very unfortunate indeed… the problem is that it is killing our society because… if you do not give what is DEMANDED by your friends and relatives, how will you integrate with them? They isolate you and make you an outcast… then they start creating negative gossip about you… If you go to functions driving a nice machine, they snob you! very unfortunate indeed!

Also uchumi nakwisha anguka. It’s sad. People are out here ‘working’ but on half pay or deferred payment.

We are sliding back to pre-2000s economy and COVID has simply accelerate the reverse movement…

I believe in teaching a man to fish, if not the case, i want specifics. If you dont have food, i’ll give you a shopping voucher na fare, if its fees, i’ll give you a bankers cheque na fare, kama ni rent, bankers cheque na fare…tenda mema nenda zako. And this it for family.

When it comes to friends, i give you a loan. Period!

I do neither

Become stoic and you won’t live your life worrying about what peasants think of you.

Black tax nonsense …pesa yangu ni yangu na bibi na watoto PEKEE.

we have to maintain standards. thts the same thing Uhuru is doing. His country has resources and a hardworking population, lakini amezoea kukopa kopa, hawezi manage ile tax wakenya wanalipa vizuri, anataka projects kubwa kubwa zenye taifa haiwezi afford.
Hapana kopesa, hapana kopa, kula sumni, weka sumni.

You people are funny. Why would I care what people think about me? I have zero tolerance for able bodied people who ask for money. Sometimes I may give in but that 20 bob if I have to part with, is usually to that one annoying person that has just pushed me to my limit and I just want him to go. After all 20 bob can be enough fare (probably not) for him to go do some work. Wishful thinking I know.

I dictate the terms of who I give. Majority don’t qualify. I’m not a bank and clearly it’s not a fundraising you are asking me to contribute to. I know the deserving cases- both men and women. Be generous to the right people.

Wengine may be able bodied but poverty has dealt them a big blow. Do the right thing. Lakini, the brigade of “niaje braza, anko, buda, darling si uniachie form” wakanyage kubwa kubwa. Kwenda hukoooo na kuleeee ujipe shughuli kazi ziko kibao. Apparently some beg just to spite you. Imûndû selee ( Silly people).