Before the US started harassing Huawei, there was Toshiba of Japan and Alstom of France in the same boat

Toshiba yesterday, Huawei today!

Thirty years ago, Toshiba exported precision instruments to Russia. The United States imposed the following penalties on Toshiba Group:

1: The Japanese Police Department was ordered to arrest Erhe Lin, President of Toshiba Machinery Foundry, and Hiroshima Tanamura, President of Machine Tool Business, and sentenced to 10 years’imprisonment.

2: Closing Toshiba’s factory in the United States

3: A 100% tariff on Toshiba products sold to the United States

4: As an alternative punishment to the previous one, Toshiba’s exports to the United States were banned for five years.

5: A huge fine of 1 trillion yen was imposed on Toshiba, equivalent to $16 billion today.

In order to calm the anger of the United States, Japan imposed severe penalties on Toshiba Group:

  1. Japan’s semiconductor industry will unconditionally share technology with American companies.
  2. Toshiba spent 100 million yen to publish a full-page apology advertisement in all major newspapers in the United States.
  3. Japan Semiconductor Association invested 9 million US dollars to launch various relations lobbying in the US Congress, and this lobbying has become the most costly lobbying war in history.
  4. The chairman and general manager of Toshiba Group resigned.
  5. by an administrative order issued by the Ministry of Communications, Toshiba was prohibited from exporting any products to 14 countries for a period of one year.

The United States is the master of Japan, Japan can only apologize, which has led to Toshiba gradually losing its past glory.

Toshiba was the hope of Japan’s science and technology industry, and also the hope and pillar of Japan’s manufacturing. After suffering a heavy blow from the United States, Toshiba went downhill thoroughly.

The U.S. attacked Toshiba not because it sold equipment to the Soviet Union, but because it affected U.S. interests. The United States believes that the Japanese semiconductor industry represented by Toshiba Group seriously threatens the economic interests of the United States, while the Japanese high-end manufacturing plan threatens the United States and challenges the technological hegemony of the United States.

Looking back more than 30 years ago, the experience of Toshiba, Japan, and looking at what the United States is doing today, there are indeed many similarities.

The United States does not allow its high-end manufacturing industry to be challenged at all, nor does it allow its technological hegemony to be challenged. The United States hopes that other countries will all be American workers and will never allow other countries to become shareholders of American interests.

Now targeting Huawei!

Alstom of France had their exec jailed for giving out bribes in Asia… why would the US interdict a foreign company for giving bribes in a country not under US jurisdiction? well, because they can!

Next thing is Alstom was forced to share their tech with US competitors (through a GE acquisition), giving the US firms an undue advantage.

Bullies and prefects of the world … me naona wao hujua nimeboeka na wao hadi naona nikadai visa wananionyesha screenshot za ktalk

Let’s wait and see who will brink first.

This time round, hawataweza Shaina

Hakuna, you could try to say the same for Sony, which is an American company too or even Toyota which makes more reliable cars than American companies. Plus Americans don’t manufacturer their own semiconductors, they used to buy from Japan, now they buy from China and Taiwan, so hiyo ni uwongo.

And they don’t have a technological hegemony, if anything, they outsource their entire technology based industry to Asians, however they are the largest consumers of such products.

@patricia kuom kiasi kipande ii

I clearly remember this spat. It was something about Toshiba selling Russia machinery that would facilitate the production of quieter submarine propellers.

well if the chinese are smart enough they will know how to play this out. or they’ll be just another loser that challenged the US and lost and then another will try… and another…etc

waria alichoma miraa yetu. we are going to impose a ban on wariah illegal sugar


I remember one time I owned everything Toshiba. Then there stuff just disappeared from stores and which got me into Samsung products…

WTF. Sony has never been an American Company. Americans do manufacture their own semiconductors. Have you ever heard of Texas Instruments, Motorolla ,Intel, AMD etc.

I forever mourn the death of Toshiba

Motorola is a chinku company


Hii imenikumbusha my legendary Huawei Ideos, those guys introduced the concept of smartphones to the masses huku way back in 2011… and because of that, f**k the los gringos

These Japanese companies were good at technology, but did not adapt to customer demands. Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Aiwa, etc. The first cd player was made by pioneer. There are other companies worldwide that lost market share, German.

There is a vast difference between Toshiba and Huawei.
At no point did the US ever claim, legitimately, that any Japanese company was a threat to US security. Huawei, being under Chinese law which requires a CCP Party member to sit on its Board is a security threat to the West.
Secondly, it makes zero sense comparing the two. The US has no competitor to 5G to Huawei. The biggest beneficiaries of the current crackdown on Huawei , i.e. Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung are not American and Qualcomm is not competing with Huawei in 5G equipment but rather in the 5G standard that will be adopted(HP and Intel are 5G vendors but were never competitors to Huawei as the are focusing on other areas like Tablet 5G). Toshiba WAS competing with Texan tech companies at that time.
Selling technology to the USSR WAS literally trading with the enemy that almost wiped out humanity in 1983!!I would also sanction like Hell!!

God bless these United States. :D:D:D

Can’t wait for the day we shall praise African goods this way. This handing over our gold(money) to foreigners is what’s keeping us poor. Hope Chinaman does not blink first then Anko Sam’s BS will be checked and this will set a good precedent. Africa must industrialize bure we will continue to be treated like step children in our own countries forever by Indians, Chinese, Walami…