Before he left WH...

Lazima Guka Trump alifanya vitu mbaya au za mazarau huko rooms za White House, vile landlord hufurusha tenant huku akikataa na deposit.

  1. Alimwaga simiti kwa choo ya bedroom.
  2. Alikonjoa kwa sink ya kitchen.
  3. Alikunia kwa bafu.
  4. Alinyonga kanugu kwa dining.
  5. Alivunja kioo ya bedroom

Huko tunarudi liwe liwalo


If the same thing was said about Biden wow…but since it’s anti-Trump this qualifies as a very insightful, high IQ post.

:D:D:D:D We can’t run jokes on comparing crowds, but we can run jokes za kuweka simiti kwa choo za WH


Big Tech censorship has clearly shown us where this is headed.



Perhaps the poster was capitalizing on the fact that Trump has shown repeatedly by his actions that he is capable of such mediocrity. To put it in perspective, nobody ever makes drinking jokes about Ulliam Luto. But Uhulu is a joker’s paradise on beer matters. Bad manners by Trump has bred bad jokes about him, period

big tech big tech kila saa… kwani the right haijui kutengeneza web platform… yall niggas behave just like the bonobos you hate… sit, complain point fingers. here is a pointer enda 4chan


The toupee,don’t forget about the toupee[ATTACH=full]345879[/ATTACH]

Ameri-Kenyans say they woke up to a new dawn. They say the air is different. I told my good friend hapo Kansas that Trump aende salama because he pardoned one of my fav rappers Kodak…Dude amekasirika yake yoote. He said ‘atee what? what about the damage he has inflicted on millions of Americans’. I had to grovel big time:D
TBH, I feel different too coz the tension was palpable. Could almost touch it. Sometimes, I did not think Biden could dislodge the noogle.
Let us wait for the creditors now.:smiley: