Beetles affecting Mangoes trees.

Kuna hizi beetle za black & Yellow zinaharibu flowers za maembe sana they suck and eat everything hakuna hata maembe moja inaweka. How can i get rid of them?

kula izo bettles na sembe

Insects that are yellow to orange and red are dangerous to eat. Luminous green too.

Are brightly colored animals poisonous?

Warning signals are honest indications of noxious prey, because conspicuousness evolves in tandem with noxiousness. Thus, the brighter and more conspicuous the organism, the more toxic it usually is.

It’s tricky for contact pesticides to be effective coz of their hard coat( body cover).
Try systemic insecticides with acetamiprid as active ingredient aka a.i.( e.g presento from greenlife or Twiga ace from Twiga chems).

Use biological repelants from neem extracts kama nimbecidine, or garlic. Hiyo harufu huziudhi na kukuondokea.

Kuna very effective banned chemicals - (familia ya organophosphates) which have a very long lasting residual effects and very harmful to human so i will name them coz personally i dont use them, further, I don’t want karma to punish me.

Employ chickens in your farm.

Kuku itafikia beetle juu ya mti?

Najua hunanga akili.

Utatingiza mti.

Weka ile polythene paper ya kufunga nyama.

Nyuki zitateseka

This is past pollination.

Funga kamba halafu uzungushe kama helicopter

They were all over my mango tree last season and still had a bumber harvest.

they are such a headache , Since I had a single tree I would just pick them every day and toss them in a bucket of soapy water to drown , kama ni mingi enda agrovet kuna dawa I cant recall the name, bloody things desimate all the flowers !

These beetles are so bad:mad:

Ingia agrovet for advise, Kuna dawa inaitwa Score if I’m not wrong. Inamalisa hao wanyama

Score is a fungicide , hiyo ni ya powdery mildew( unga mweupe kwa maua) na anthracnose( black spots causing young fruit aboshen )

Are you talking of cyclone and others from that company of indians?

Proper fumigation will help. I use physical traps on my mango trees . When I go to that farm will give you samples of the traps . Even those sticky book rat traps sold by kina kinuthia do wonders .