for those in the know…naskia keg imeanguka bei the 300ml cup ni 20 Bob sasa what triggered the price change? is thea any other beer/liquor affected?

I need to know as quick as possible before I restock…TIA NA PIA kama kuna MTU anauza na wholesale ruiru aache contacts



Excise tax on keg has been reduced.

Been drinking since Thursday and I haven’t seen any price change for all brands whether going up or down. Any drinker who has encountered a price increase?

Yap I know spiri

spiritsWerespiritsWereaffected in the budget. Its just a matter of time. My employer will increase the price on 1st July.f

What is the name of this song by Uhuru and another artist, I guess they are from South Africa??



Thanks ndugu

I only take whiskey…

Kenyans always want to appear sophisticated by taking expensive liqour na bill ya Maji ya council ya 378 unashindwa kulipa.


Hahaha kuna mtu ameambiwa ukweli hapa

I missed the budget…thanx

unataka keg ama makali?
kama ni keg, there is a brewery at toll ruiru called Top rank. the owner is called kamau atakuuzia keg na bei mzuri sana. its on your left as you head to thika just past the weighbridge.

nataka zote …thanx nitamtembelea weekend

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went thea na keg yao ni different na ya breweries… ata pump haiwes ingiana BT they are cheap


I didn’t know about the pumps but I knew they are cheaper than brewery. yao inaitwa seniors ama kitu kaa hiyo.
is it different in taste?

av never tasted it …I guess they r the same