Been There Done That



unashida jamaa.

Tuwache marudio …tafadhali

Huh, there are chics who are forensic experts. Woe unto you if you live with one. Ask me, I should know.


You owe us a story bro!

All in good time, will post it one day, the many times I have been caught out and the evidence that can put Bensouda’s investigating team to shame, he he.

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:D:D:D:D:D:D guilty!!!

What you mean, guilty? Did you read my reply to The Black?

Mwenyewe unakaa kujidoubt… Ka unaweza fanyishwa hivo ni dame. Kama ni cd so what?

He he …sme of us learn the hard way , I can even calculate time it can take you to go to the shop n hizo variables zote…Ni SHETANI
mmoja tu ilinishinda :D:D:D


if for real ni CD I will deny and stay put and try to put an end to the convo, but how would you feel being accused of ferking out there and all you did was buy some sauce in a sachet? You will most likely find a way to clear your name and use the bonga points gained to brush away any future allegations (even if true) with a casual reference to the sachet incident and how “insecure” she has become without much drama

I’ll just pick the corner and curse! Then Skype @nairobilay for an emergency lay!!

wah…let me login right now!

Then you are one woman I would keep clear off, you’re pure trouble. I always tell guys who arrive home when the cock is crowing in the morning and all they get is the silent treatment for a day to consider themselves very lucky.


i meant most women are guilty of playing detectives

OK, thanks for the clarification.

Sounds like you almost have everything nailed down to a tee…with charts and stats…:eek::D:D…Looking forward to reading your book (How to tell if a dude is cheating on you) at the end of the year.

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Ebu tutilie hiyo story, @Purr_27 Wewe hua na mastori lakini hua mchoyo

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@Purr_27 watches alot of CSI.