Bee in the house...

…and other African beliefs…
A bee has been flying into the house and circling me as I have my coffee.
Will I have visitors today?
Do these beliefs hold true?

There is also the belief that when a bird crashes into your house window and dies, there will be a demise in the family. Shait. Surprisingly I learned about this, not from an African, but from a crime documentary involving former Kentucky Governor Luis B. Nunn and his Son.

A girlfriend from Murang’a used to get an itchy palm in the morning whenever she expects some cash, even that which she was unaware of or not expecting. She would get the cash at most two to three days after experiencing the itchy palm. At times the same day!


That itchy palm thing happens to me too, and I’ve never been disappointed.

@gashwin, that bee just loves your sweet coffee.

Hiyo ya pesa is so true my brother. I scratch my palm I start laughing.

Umetumiwa nyuki? :D:D

Yeye kwisha

What about the owl and deaths

Hio ya itchy palm nimeskia severally

paratroppers wako sting operation…chunga uso mzee

Heard a lot about this superstition as well when I was young

Ushirikina reloaded.

Afrocinema continues shortly…

Heheh…hiyo ilinitia woga kabisaa. An owl would hoot and scratch the whole night scared shitless. However, nothing could happen after that.

What about wasps


owls are taken as bad omen in most african tribes esp when they hoot outside yr compound.

ya wasps bado sikia. Is it after stinging somebody or what?

Wakituma jeshi, Tunatuma nyuki

Is there a way I can provoke my palm to itchiness??

This usually happens to me during end month salo ikiingia, na katikati ya mwezi nikipata advance.:frowning: