Beautiful police woman been thru the most: Who remembers Betty Kavata alichomwa na Bwanake?This is her daughter

Betty Kavata was the worst domestic violence case in the history of Kenya. Her beautiful daughter is here to tell her story and her mother’s story. Dinosaurs wenzangu remember how this story shocked the entire nation. Btw @Lionheart is it a coincidence that these worst cases are from Ukambani? I always think Kao men as calm people. Why these extreme cases?


@Lionheart time to kugwara kinembe ancient with wrinkles


Violence is not a preserve of any ethnic group, or even race. But it’s true, we are used to hearing of such gory stories from some parts of the country more than others. When people stop fearing God or valuing life anything can happen anywhere. What do you expect in a society where pastas are accused of serious crimes like rape or trafficking of humans? No one is safe, people are the same, only circumstances change them. Anyone can be triggered to act like a devil, if they let themselves. Ultimately it’s for you as a human being to choose how you will live your life.


kazoori tho

unataka kucheza na serikali kijana?

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