Beautiful Football is gone

I dont enjoy watching football as i did a few years back, managers are killing the beauty of the game in the name of clean sheets, very soon i will start watching football from my live scores app

A team with 9 defenders, a striker and a goalkeeper,

Blame it on Mourino. Aliharibu EPL kabisa.

Italy walijua hawajui.

Perhaps you’ve grown up.

I’ve noticed as much. It’s the money that has ruined it as well. The wages and the bonuses are too high and the players have become entitled.
The love of the game money rules.

It’s unfortunate. The goals are now coming from strange places like Belgium lower leagues, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Dutch kids.

hata Spain na their Tiki taka could not keep up, in football you have to keep changing strategies or you will loose

Fck the glazers men lakini ata ol man fergy alitufck they just wanted safe, safe wreaks of mediocrity sasa we just have to wait for mourinho to fade away or something ( i wish psg wamchukue) hakuna venye tunaweza chukua poch huyu msee ni mnoma i envy spurs.

Hata Spurs at times plays ugly football against bigger teams.

it’s not necessarily how you play bt the general feeling you get watching the team.i.e spurs scored 3 vs madrid na uko kwao waka draw kama ni mou angefanya nini ? we all know the answer angefunga moja alafu ainstruct basi, total bullshit.

but can u imagine poch na ile pesa morino amepewa what he can do. Plus yeye ni proven grower were youth imagine akipewa rashford, herrera na martial watu wako na stunted growth juu ya coach.

As much as Poch does well, he hasn’t won anything of note. That is the only time he can be judged alongside Conte, Mourinho, or Guardiola.

Exactly, the problem is that football is changing, ukiendelea with the beautiful football u loose, the recent way of playing is loosing taste, spain na tiki taka yao is a perfect example

Every match are now result oriented. So beautiful game are gone.