Beatrice Elachi for Nairobi Gavana?

Wadau, I watched on some channel yesterday where Gatheca was lighting up some Christmas tree (It is actually a live mugumo tree decorated with some Xmas lights).
Anyway I noticed something. This Elachi lady was very much in tge mix of this mini function, first by leading with a word of prayer, and later by having a lengthy chit chat with Mayor Badi and Ze President.
Is she being fronted as the handshake candidate for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat?
If so, then she can easily capture this seat as she appeals both to ODM and Kieleweke.
@spear what do you think my fwen?

Badi aingie kwa debe

Elachi, the confused lady who tendered her resignation to the president despite not being the appointing authority, hagwesmek

It was a script. And it’s playing out very well Mdau.
Wash…I mean watch zis space…

She doesn’t appeal to the commoners

Janet Muzoni Ouko will be her deputy…
[SIZE=1]hii mogokaa imeshika mbaya.[/SIZE]

Labda unani confuse na @spear. Naskia alipelekwa Siberia 2018 na mkasahau kumtoa.

I like how these women front their Kikuyu names when it suits them Elachi, Shebesh, Ouko, Passaris… nani mwengine?

She looks boring, lazy and uninspiring. Even in bed. But I can hit it.

Haiya! Yeye ni Omogikoyo? Mugîkûû? Okuyo? Mugîkûyû?


Father Luhya mum Kiuk

hii kiti lazima waangalie vizuri na wasiwekee mumama or Rutos candidate atawasumbua

I hear that there is a possibility of not holding elections since there was a deputy Governor nominated by Sonko before his impeachment. If the court confirms her, she could take over the reigns. Agnes Kagure… Anyway Elachi is a non starter in this top seat… May be as a running mate.

One week meeting between President Uhuru and Sonko lead to agreement on NMS. Sonko had agreed to support NMS and release the funds. He did, his condition was simple, huyu elachi aende in return. She was called at night and told to resign tomorrow. In the morning a written speech was sent to her. That was her end. The next few days President Uhuru, Sonko and Badi showed up in KICC for an event and clearly you could see the changes. All reading the same script.

However that was the last time they agreed and it was downhill since. elachi role as sweety is useless for every Nairobi resident. She was rejected in Kawangware north and the rest of Nairobi doesn’t care for her. Lakini state house doesn’t know that or cares. Wacha itambe.

Inaitwa dagoretti north sio kawangware north

You can front anyone. But the voters will decide.

I understand little of what this woman says, her brains never seems to expand to the size of high office she gets into. but she is hot, mighty hot and should remain in the news to keep an old man’s tv viewing experience worthwhile. let her get a position in nms maybe pr officer.

Ati hot? Really?

Leta mbisha tuone hiyo uhottness