Beatification: Demystify Pls

Am told that a big ceremony for beautifying Sr. Stefani is happening today in Nyeri. Not a bad thing coz my decoder sales have grown tremendously in the past week. My dealers are telling me it’s as a result of people who want to witness this function. Others tell me it is her intercession. Whatever.

Now, someone tell me the biblical basis behind beatification. Also, someone tell me why the name in kikuyu- Gútuo Múkeni. or being made happy. Wasn’t she happy when she lived?

Ps: when I think of the phrase “Múkeni Ma” , am reminded of a certain post where someone suggested that you can DF armpits. Talkers felt this would make the lady laugh, effectively making her “Múkeni ma”.

DF armpits hehehe

he he …jinga wewe!

Yep, that was me.

writing history before it happens…cute!