Beard Stimuli?iko ama hakuna

Tuachane na daktari kutoka kitui anaye tibu kutomea ndevu.Manze I have met people with exceptionally long facial hair which makes me sad cuz till now at 24 am bald af…my face looks like a newborns asscheek.Fuck,nataka tu kadawa kanaeza stimulate mashwere za uso bila kelele mingi.Anyone with a mature suggestion or relevant info tafasali chukua through pass.Am sure science cannot be here defeated cuz facial hair has to do with hormones so it shouldnt be hard to find such a suppleement in 2018.Anyway…discussion open to the docs in the house.

I also need a solution to this problem. My beard doesn’t grow

Wacheni ufala, ndevu huwa imepangwa kwa genetics… Hauwezi force zimee… Pengine uchukue shots za testosterone…

Na vile mimi nawush singekuwa nazo. Zangu zilianza kama niko high school wasee walikuwa wananiita father abraham.

Ikikataa sana you can always shave your pubes and stick them to your face.

:D:D Be glad kuenda kinyozievery week is no joke.


Unaqualify kuwa shemale…@uwesmake …kuja kidogo.


this doesn’t look like a legit thing…has it been featured anywhere or reviewed?

Shave your beard yourself, dude.


Usijali paka mayai imeoza zitamea

Wait 8 years after wisdom teeth then complain.

Tuko wengi. Mi niligive up. Ndevu kama za Prophet Owuor on a skinny ninja nitakaa weird. I guess that’s how I console myself

I’ve seen a couple of these photos making rounds on Facebook claiming how they make the beards sprout out Rick Ross style. Not sure if it is a legit product as there are no reviews and the photos of the bearded people are just to attract gullible buyers who are desperate to grow a beard.

My friend you have bitches hormones…just look between your legs to see if you dont have holly hole down there…No hard feelings though.

Ile sindano mwas ndo solution

Like this guy?

Easy boss.All you need is a 52 WEEKS WANKING CHALLENGE.
By the time you’re through, utakuwa unakaa Prophet Owuor.