BBQ strikes again

Eagerly awaiting to massacre our D-, can’t wait!!! Naona pia ameshika YouTuber wa Sodom in his arms

This will not be good for our mboys. Will Ruto be at the JK airport to recieve the body bags when they eventually arrive?

The police needs donor funds for extra income

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RIP in advance to any foolish D- who takes on that mission.

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@Simiyu22 tulia uone D - wakipangwa

Halafu ujue D- wa huku are useless to BBQ they cannot raise ransom so watauliwa tu

[quote="Ngimanene-Na-matharo, post:1, topic:
Eagerly awaiting to massacre our D-, can’t wait!!! Naona pia ameshika YouTuber wa Sodom in his arms

If you want to hammer in a nail without hitting your fingers, you ask somebody else to hold the nail. So, shikilieni hapo hapo.
And stand still, gaddamit!

We pray for our D minus brothers

I see BBq still holed up in the ghetto. Ameshindwa kukanyaga streets. Hiyo ni Kama street thug Yutsman Mgaza from Dandora threatening KDF.

Nilikuambia BBQ is with the people pale wako, endelea kuona CNN na don :lemon: for your news

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Wewe endelea kuangalia propaganda newsza cia. Who are looking for funds. 90% of residents do not want criminal elements in Haiti. They keep asking where is police. How can someone ask for police when bbq is their king.

Why didn’t the PM go back home? Ati anaongea kuwa atatoka mamlakani akiwa hapo Puerto Rico. Kwani he’s not homesick?

He has no job. His mandate ended. He’s a private citizen on vacation. The UN had asked him to publicly resign last October.

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Holiday my foot, exile it is. All you’ve written is true, except the he was trying to hold onto power illegitimately. He consistently refused to create a situation in which acceptable elections could be held. He was ruling by force, and finding every excuse to continue doing so. Even the absurd agreement with your guy in Vumbistan was part of that attempt, to continue imposing himself on people who were openly rejecting him, even when they never elected him. When he boarded the plane to seek foreigners to go crush his countrymen, it was the beginning of his exile, only that he didn’t know it. He had no right signing anything on their behalf. That’s why he became a distressed bird in flight, which couldn’t perch.
He’s simply hiding because they would skin him if he dared return. These are the realities, propaganda aside.

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No. Ruto will be at State House refreshing the banking portal kuangalia kama dollars zimeingia. Kazi ya kureceive the bodies of peasants sent to a meat-grinder ni ya low level civil servants.

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Walininyima tender ya body bags banae ati natataka wakufie huko… najua wataletewa paperbags za takataka. Yaani you kill a business dream na vile tualiambiwa daroz any crisis is a business opportunity. Sorait. (Risto ya Jaba)