BBI's longterm goal

This is the question that most kenyans are asking themselves. We all know that kenyan politicians never create proposals if there is no catch. On one side, one between the two leaders is going to be backstabbed. Either Uhuru or Raila. On one end, Uhuru has completly alienated himself from his community and the tanga tanga brigade while on the other hand Raila believes that BBI will get him to statehouse.

Now that Mudavadi and wetangula’s meeting in mumias has been suspended and they were not invited to Bhukungu stadium you can tell that Uhuru has continued announcing more of his frenemies. The only person that will come out of this as a looser ni Matiangi. Yeye anapiga tu WSR na huyu jamaa atachukua hio kiti tu considering Raila is a perennial loser. Aombe tu Lootall asikue prezzo juu that guy can really harbour a grudge.

Long term goal is family preservation. Moi,odinga,Kenyatta, haji

What does Odinga and Haji family have to preserve?

Did he personally tell you this ama ni akili haikusaidii?

Oh snap

Just another kalejinga with their mediocre thinking.

But that can’t last with people becoming more and more angry at these families and anything they stand for.

And who told you am a kale. I don’t have a standing at either teams. And politics in Kenya is just shit as it is.

Man down…maan down…wait,the ref waves play on.

A guy who can take it easy after people were burnt in a church/arrowed is not a joke. during PEV they tried to separate him from Raila because he is a hardliner. They messed with Raila because he is a flip-flopper but Ruto is the wrong person to mess around with.

What l know the BBI will not be voted by me.nefa!

We Ni fala tuu

How can backstab someone who is going home

I doubt uhuru is interested in any political position after the next election

Who told you that they were not invited?
They had already said that they won’t attend

How is matiangi fighting Ruto?

Ruto,just like Raila…love confrontation politics

Ruto ako Na ujinga tui kwa akili Kama supporters wake

musalia and weta were invited but they refused. Am happy they have now decided to focus on sugarcane matters…walikua wameachia oparanya hio kazi yote

Mtado ?

Question shot straight from wakanyamas miti ni dawa and muratina den

Head still in rectum syndrome

Odingas have multiple commercial interests

Hahaha for this and more jokes SMS jokes to…