BBI will pass at the referendum - despite being unpopular - because of this simple fact

There is no national leader spearheading an anti BBI crusade .Ruto could have taken the mantle to oppose it and lead national anti BBI campaigns like he did in 2005 but being the coward he is ,the Jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye Miraba minne na misuli tinginya is afraid of resigning and taking mlevi1 head-on .

Once Raila and Uhuru start pro BBI rallies ,hii kitu itapita asubuhi .

Misuli tinginya the shiet is funny af

Ruto is opposing Raila. BBI just happens to be on the way.

In 2005 it was it was a Raila lead team that won the referendum. Ruto failed miserably in 2010. However both times their positions in the respective referenda catapulted their ambitions and chances in the national politics.

It’s expensive…State inatumia taxpayers money

:D:D:D:D what is the origin of this?

Well said, the BBI proponents are even using the County Assemblies passing the bill thing like a victory statement to blast guys like Kang’ata who had claimed the ground is antiBBI.

No leader seems to be keen on taking up the so called anti-BBI sentiments kwa ground to spearhead a NO campaign. They’re just hiding under the guise of consensus yet hii kitu inapita at every stage. Politics!