BBI Resurrection



Great. Another celebration is always welcomed


tupatane supreme court , we cant have compromised Judicial activist judges making academic verdicts, tukiendelea hivi these judges will legalize things like homos

I think it is high time people should be arrested, heads should start rolling, hatuwezi bebwa ujinga namna hii, pesa ya tax-payers inatumiwa vibaya

Court of Appeal amended the constitution, BBI in itself is dead, but , there’s need for Supreme Court to Reverse some ruling and define others.
For instance, why should Parliament or Wanjiku need to go to Court whenever their are any constitution amendment, for the Court to determine if the said amendment touch on the Basic Structure of the law ? Why not define them upfront, and the procedure for amending them ?

Yaani people are hell bent on forcing BBI down our throats…pathetic at best!

Hii ndio Ile last card ya @Abba?

Hio kitu ilikufa saa hii tunakunywa chai kwa matanga.

Wewe uko Na ukalonzo sana!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::wink: and why don’t you want it legalized? Or you derive your pleasure from the forbiddeness of it?

Kalonzo inaonekana hapa ni wengi. Acha mawakili watengeneze pesa. Huku sisi ni sherehe tu watu wakiangushwa

yes we need clarity , in a sane democracy IEBCs decisions position would have been defined , but the activist judicial officers want a vacuum and a crisis just like what maraga was trying with his protest advise to the president. is the decision retrogressive ?