BBI referendum - My Prediction

I have analyzed 3 elections with convincing success. I have never failed to know the outcome of Kenyan elections.
Here is my analysis of BBI referendum if it does happen. You can hold me to account on this.
The first major defining thing that shall be clear to everyone when BBI referendum takes place is that majority of voters shall not turn up to vote. Less than 40% of registered voters shall turn up to vote in the BBI referendum.
The other major thing that shall define the BBI referendum is that compared to 2010 referendum which was hugely popular with wananchi BBI is really unpopular and as such the number of NO votes as a percentage of the total votes cast shall be substantial. The BBI referendum shall be 50 50 but the BBI could sail through because many people opposed to it won’t turn up to vote because they feel its unnecessary and at the same time there will be no major political faction opposing and campaigning against it.
Wait for the BBI referendum to happen and then question me on my prediction when the votes have been counted and finalized

we can agree the shoe isn’t pinching us the way people want us to believe/think. (calls for change and uprising/revolution)
and this is due to the fact that we don’t have shoes to wear to pinch us.

maybe one day, someone will give us the shoes and we feel the pinch.

Kojoa ulale.

bado campaign hazijaanza. tuliza kende pale sugoi ukikua na @spear

Who will you be campaigning against? Linda Katiba? Success in your campaigns for BBI. Lets meet at the ballot, with us the voters

Achana na hii maneno boss. This is way beyond you. Kama hukitaki chochote kile, nafuu kukoma kukifikiria maanake utaumia bureee, utapandisha presha buree.

You predition is incomplete. Priss tell us which side will carry the day

Your predictions from the past 6 months about BBI are all failing. A lot of baseless arguments @langatkipro.

Honestly, you have predicted nothing. Anyway its still a No… Nothing less matters as much as the state machinery wields its devious ways. The gap will be unstealable, expect consequences.

According to your prediction which camp will win?

Nliuliza hii khasia hio swali apo ju bado haijajibu