BBI itawanyonya kuwanyonya

Those people who shall vote YES to BBI nawaonea huruma tu. I mean what does normal mwananchi stand to gain from BBI? I can authoritatively submit… Nothing at all.
The biggest beneficiaries of BBI shall be the political class who shall get the presidency prime Minister deputy prime Minister Ministers leaders of opposition and others. The mps will have increased seats from 290 constituencies to 360,Senators from 47 to 94 and approximately 180 nominated mps to address the gender parity issue. Meaning these leaders shall get chance to employ their relatives and friends as personal assistants, secretaries, body guards drivers etc all facilitated by tax payers money meaning more taxes.
Even the so called 35% won’t benefit the common man at all because records available currently show that 80% of devolved money is normally used to pay county employees salaries and other recurrent expenditures and only 20% or less end up for development. With increase 35% allocation basically the same shall obtain. 80% will be for salaries for more county employees and other recurrent expenditure while less than, 20% for development.
And because govt has no other place to obtain 35% devolved funds to finance its budget needs it shall resort to more taxation to meet this, which generally shall lead to increase in the cost of goods and services leading to increase cost of living. The disposable income among the middle class shall then go down leading to lower consumption hence poor performance of the economy.
The truth is BBI is unnecessary and it wont address any issue at all. What Kenyans need is good leadership not continuous and unending changing of constitution.
What we should in fact be doing or talking about now is reducing the number of mps and the number of counties to reasonable and financially sustainable levels. But this is kenya for you. Maybe people need brain transplant to see this.

Unafaa kuhurumia wakenya wote ju sisi wa NO izo ghaseer zitatuletea shida pia

Mbona wa Kale ni nyinyi tu mnaongea negative za BBI? I mean hata angalia threads hapa.

'coz ruto bado anapinga bbi si eti wamesoma au nini, in kenya nobody reads those documents, even those supporting it, but after today , am sure the counties in the rift will also vote yes when they realize their vote is inconsequential

Instead of focusing on what he can do after 2022, Ruto turned the climate to him against Raila. And then placed Uhuru at the center of the firestorm. Hence BBI was created. BBI is just a slap to Rutos face, over his own actions. A quick reminder of who is in charge. He thought he was the co-controller of the country. The guy wanted to be larger than his boss. He is a Deputy President who’s duty is to lay low until your his turn comes. Think about it, who is the the Deputy of Russia, or China, or UK or Canada, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda… They are all unknowns.

valid points but bora mtu wetu anakula

If we had a tiny inkling of how Uhuru would later steer the ship he would not have won in 2017. That I can tell you for a free fact.

Do you think Ugandans Chinese Rwandese and South Africans know kenya deputy president. Your argument does not make any sense at all

kindly point me to the clause on the Document proposing ammendment of Chapter 7 to bring 180 nominated members. I might be lost coz I haven’t seen this.

You are missing the point here, nothing you will say will erase the fact that your leader is a man who is a know it all. Lakini time yake Inafika Raila had to learn the hard way haha Zile teargas na rungu zina ngoja Crook in chief ni mwoto

Boss the sooner you realise it’s not about the Common man huwess jisumbua na kuimba BBI(ooh nitaipinga, ooh nitaipigia) , hapa nikungoja mto ushike mkondo wake. Just tell me one monkey out of the many nani ametoka wazi wazi kuipinga in it’s totality as of now? Manugu wenye wanasema wanaipiga bado mguu moja iko ndani ndani ndani

I won’t dispute on the portion going to recurrent expediture since I don’t have any figures from the countries but ukweli na usemwe. if I get 15% of the National budget and I use 20% of this amount on development (3% of the National budget) and someone else gets 35% of the same National budget and used 20% for development, just like me, it will mean he will have more money for development than me he will have 7% of the National budget. 7% >> 3%. Agreed?

But Ruto opposed the current 2010 constitution and said it was bad. Now you want us to stay with this bad constitution?

Leo eti counties zinapitisha kupitisha

its 35% of the National budget. Meaning whatever the government collect, it parts with 35% of that amount. If it was an absolute figure like say 30b, I would agree with you that the government would result to increasing the taxes to raise this amount. But now we r talking of whatever the government raises in each preceeding year, 35% goes to the devolved unit.

Tuko nyuma ya Uhuru na Raila 100% .

Raira alisema leo anafikisha ktalk threshold na MCAs :D:D:D:D

My point is that a Vp is supposed to be a quiet voice. Somebody rarely heard of. In fact a better example is Deputy Governors in Kenya. Do you see them going out to pinga their bosses actions every weekend?

I may not be a historian but I have not come across a sitting President team tagging with an opposition leader. I could have missed it but it certainly is v odd.

He is still a civilian, Raila is. No official duty. Its like Uhuru walking with me. I dont see any harm.