BBI: I am Confused

I claim to be no political pundit but this BBI shenanigans are becoming too much. For the last few months I see people screaming the way BBI is unpopular and every politician seems to be Tanga Tanga with people disrespecting Uhuru forgetting he has another 2 years to use state machinery to shape his agenda.
Suddenly we have half of the counties passing the BBI and allowing a referendum and I am confused. How did this happen? And don’t tell me about car loans but something is not adding up ? People bribing youths with changaa and 50 bob to shout at meetings is great optics but bad politics.

It’s like Ruto is being misled down the rabbit hole and I think some of the folks in his company will lead him to the slaughter house . Talk about winning the battle but losing the war or even counting your vifaranga before they hatch. So now we have a referendum; Raila brings all the jaluos(no offense meant), 1/4 Luhyas, 1/4 Coastarian and Uhuru brings 1/2 Kikuyu, and BBI will definitely see the light . If I was Ruto I would be worried ; Muranga seemed to the epicenter of Kikuyu revolt against the Kenyatta’s but they passed BBI and showed us how to dance to
Firidinda(sp). Are Nyoro, Wahome and the rest saboteurs planted in the Ruto camp? I have never known Kikuyus to fight each other over a Kalenjin…the god of Gikuyu and Mumbiii would never forgive this .

So what’s really happening? Is Ruto being played by Uhuru? Is Raila being played by Uhuru? Kikuyus will never support a Luo president and that’s why you see all these bitter people on TV. Is Uhuru too busy counting his money or to they drug him all day? Or are Kenyans being played as the rich people continue to steal from us and they provide drama for distraction?


You must be a fool to be confsed by such things. 3000 people so far have voted on BBI. How many registered voters do we have in Kenya?

Mcas voted following blatant car grant bribes, coercion and threats. The MTK mcas have already started experiencing the consequences being chased away by wananchi anywhere they go. The few who were courageous enough to dissent are ensuring their dissent is known so as to remain in wananchi’s good side

This statement will make the BBI proponents lose so many votes just like that.

The car grants were just the cherry on top of the cake .BBI is the real bribe . I’ve said it before all “sitting” politicians-regardless of affiliation stand to win more than loose if this thing passes. E.g most governors will have finished their two-term limits come mwaka wa twenty-na-tumbili. BBI gives them a clean slate to rule for another 7years. Some mca’s know that their wards will become constituencies , MP’s want to be senators etc etc.
I’m sure this fuckers have already drawn up boundaries already .Only that they can’t tell us …Yet

The bbi is very good for politicians but bad for Kenya and kenyans for sure.

I still don’t get it, how do MCAs acting on their own volition construe to an exercise of the “will of the people”? Is it that they had consulted the populace before passing the BBI bill?

If BBI is good for politicians who you think are corrupt , then you people complaining should vie and change the country under BBI , ward fund under every MCA ward might not be properly audited or vetted by EACC so utaona most MCA’S will be billionaires , anzeni campaigns mapema stop complaining…

Wewe ni meffi.Taka taka.Ghasia.

What if Ruto is part of the game. I find it hard to believe that after pouring all the money he could not convince more than 2 counties to reject the bill.

I have accepted hii kitu itapita…but huko juu nimesoma ati 7years…

Are we reading from the same document?kuna Ile document iko Kwa Kenya law reform,it’s titled constitution of Kenya amendment bill 2020?

Just had the same thoughts. These politicians are all in it together. The other day Ruto met Uhuru at Statehouse I think. Today he was was at some rally talking in the negative about BBI. Wonder why he hasn’t officially taken up the mantle to lead the NO campaign. It seems like a game where it is seen that there’s some opposition to the document but in reality those opposing it are also running away from being drawn into leading the No side of the campaign. Woe unto us, the gullible electorate!