BBA updates

Right from the Party Zone, a
sloshed Laveda who seemed tuned
on went straight upstairs to the
bedroom where she and Sheillah
first had a talk but it looked more
of Sheillah’s calming her down.
With cameras focused on the guys
who were enjoying the jacuzzi,
Mam Bea was heard saying that
Laveda was upstairs making some
funny noise that chased her out of
bedroom but no one took it as a
point because of the jacuzzi fun.
Minutes later, it was Idris
everywhere furiously shouting
asking himself what is wrong with
the people in the house. Looking
like he wanted to fight,all what was
heard had something to do with
respecting his country.
Thank God that the guys in the
house led by Mr. 265 tried to calm
him down until he was called by
Biggie to the diary room. It was at
this point that we learned that
Laveda was upstairs m@st’urbating
in front of everyone which made
Idris livid as it is a disgrace to his
country. From the Diary room, Idris
managed to keep his cool with the
help of Samantha by his side who
was later joined by Nhlanhla.
Eish…it seems like Laveda was in
the mood of giving someone a
head but a fail, she has to satisfy
herself!..…Hmm Laveda, Are you
mad (in Tayo‘s voice)