baze ya keg

my simple mazematics after visiting a certain area where alcohol was the staple food/drink

-most clubs were dingy dark places.

-two 32 inch tvs and a woofer plus counter. Old furniture. nothing else

-clubs here operate 24/7… infact you’re safer here than the high-end clubs next door. Lakini polisi lazima uwaone kando

  • keg kubwa = ksh 50. It’s fresh and sweet. si kama other places.

-now for waitress, they can give miss Kenya a run for her money. That is one of their selling points. Very hot waitresses.

From my intensive research of this place, I have found a gold mine. I have also learnt that many people have expressed interest in buying these dingy pubs but wenyewe wanakataa but I have become friends with people here na nimechanuliwa of other ‘chuoms’/places to open.

from experience (don’t talk with speculation) what are the pros and cons of opening a keg baze?

Personally sijawahi onja keg…but weka hio kitu karibu na college students.
Kulikuwa na keg baze a monopoly on a route to one main gate ya campus halafu hio route ilikuwa sorrounded na rentals na hostels ka zote.
Niliona na macho watu wakidrink away their college fees and dropping out…na the concoction of std/i’s watu waliokota huko na kuspread around…legendary.
That baze owner made mad cash.
Im not tribal in any shape or form…but mount kenyans…nimewapa respect…you guys can drink.

I used to drink keg but quit a few months ago since it started giving me stomach problems.

Keg has good profit and minimal risk of being swindled by waitresses. Once the mtungi is over they hand you the definite amount of cash without much discussion. Sio kama chupa mnahesabu moja moja

Sema tu ni JKUAT juja. Tumeeka bash mingi sana huko, those kids are crazy.

Ulipata pesa ya procuring ukahama to frothy beers, we see you. Keg nowadays si potent vile ilikuwa ikiwa introduced huko 2004/2005

Those days vikombe nne ulikuwa unastagger. Vikombe tano unableki. They had to dilute it kiasi ndio watu wafurahie like beer mkichapa story ama mkiwatch ball.

It used to be a good beer back in the days. It’s like they are not fermenting it properly or they are adding some bad chemicals. My stomach is unable to handle it.

Behind K.U. that is the thriving business. Its a mafia enclave hata polisi wa kasarani hawagusi

The best keg sahii ni ya Keroche . It has a sweet flavor/aroma. Then if you dilute it with even a drop of redbull inaonja like cider.Zingine zote but chieth

Sema tu ulikuwa duruma road

Tusker lager is the real deal.