Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Looking for a battery for this phone, the phone was bought in the US and no shop in town stocks the batteries. @eletronics na wengineo, help a brother.

jumia? olx?

wewe itabidi u import

Tupa nunua simu ya china

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Nunua simu life ya simu huisha na life ya betri.

Talcomm. apo nyuma ya Troom nxt to Kafiko Restaurant


Wah! Is this in Nairobi?

@Mundu Mulosi, Nadhani anamaanisha tearoom

The guy is sick, I searched everywhere on the net, nikapata wako fp, kuwacall, the shop is in Kakamega. What the hell.

Hehe he needs to clarify what he meant. Maybe Wana branch cbd

wacha nipewe massage. extras zikiwa mzuri nitakutafutia

u need to get ua asses in the streets niggaz,.stop being lazy behind the keyboard searching places…
Tafuta kafiko restaurant mahali iko ukiwa hapo Talcom is just next…ama ukiwa Tearoom ulizia apo
.they stock like all kind of. original accessories esp for big fon blackberry. palm SGH.

If I’m not wrong, this must be the shop somewhere near Kensilver booking offices, on one of these small side streets branching off Accra road. Can be accessed either from Accra road direction or Latema road direction.

Thnks Luther unfortunately am not very good with lanes bt i knw directions arnd cbd

You’re welcome. It’s called Dubois Road.