Bata Kenya closing shop

Bata is closing its Kenyan operations. Good assets to be bought, villagers, prepare your wallets.



Purple na Deorro hawasongi na pia sisi hatuondoki hapa, Meria Mata atajifira peke huko klist.




BATA survives in kenya on Corruption. If it were not for headmasters being bribed to force pupils wear BATA ingekua ishafunga shop kitambo.

They are parasites. Let them return where they came from. They can’t make a single sale in their home country

Most Bata shops are franchises owned by Kenyans. Where do you want them to return?
Also, other than Bata, which other major player makes shoes in Kenya?

their marketing included bribing chuo heads to compel students to wear toughees

we have so many kenyans making quality shoes

nani alikweko wakati wa tiger shoes



So Bata wants to lie to us that school kids are no longer buying shoes? How can a monopoly shut down? In economics class we were taught that monopolies don’t fail.

Watu wa Clark’s ,tuketi wapi.

Crocs ndo inaita Clarks … kuwa serious mujamaa

I doubt if the Headmasters where Bribed, That is an hoax. Back then BATA used to perform well back then, even the quality was good. They made themselves a good name. lately the market has been polarized by the Chinese who have brought cheap imports and also the Economy of the Country is at the edge.

They don’t really have a monopoly. Plus their shoes are more expensive, awful a increasingly low quality

Imports are better, more affordable, and longer lasting

Kïhiiiiiiiiiiii chinga hii ni fake news