1.never feck a woman older than you that’s incest a woman at your own peril
3.suggarmummies will make you old and loose self esteem
4.have as many bastards as possible but never marry because you will die early
5.its better to bet than invest your money on a poosie
6.have two or more nice cars and sport bikes complimented with own mansion that when your peers ask you about family you will ask them if they own a high end car…they will even not dare ask

Another Alpha Malenge guide? Shouldn’t we standardize these so that all gamma males are on the same page concerning what needs to be done?

Most married men cannot afford big cars I agree but many high end cars you see in Nrb actually belong to men who happen to be married, some with tqo, three or four wives.

umekwisha potea

There has to be a limit, like fiv years older isnt a sin, but just for the fun of it

Kufuck sugarmummies hakuna tofauti na kukua male malaya, infact anybody who acquires wealth through such manner doesmt deserve to sit on the same table and talk stuff with men. The rest sijui

na Leo mumetuamkia na hizi guides zenu Kwani weekend imewapeleka mbio aje? or you are all feeling rich and alpha since its beginning of the month?

sports car + muscle will always scream alpha male… by the way who can help me import a nissan GTR?

:D:D:Dhey even the lord said it… “go forth and multiply” then he realized his error and sent HIV to keep y’all from breeding like rabbits

my friend, usijidanganye na muscle, money and your bendminton slills are the only stuff that defines an alpha male. If you really want to be worshipped by women, have amazing bed skills ata uwe umesota aje utatafutwa. For new ghels just hit it once real proper and they’ll be chasing you, it only gets good if you have money.

tomba wife polepole by the time u get old and divorce my Jupiter’s cock will still be sucked by slayqueens .money is everything nigga

yeah i agree about the bedroom skills, but you have to attract them first.

the chick in the club who came to tell me me that she loves my big arms … i banged her
the hotel receptionist who couldn’t take off her eyes off my chest… i banged her
the lesbians who hit on me at the beach because of my ripped body and clear sixpack… i banged them
the college student who wants to hug me all the time and tells me she feels safe on my huge chest and wide shoulders… i banged her

forest monkey did you spend any cash? no just 80 ksh for a cold soda.
forest monkey did you invest any time? yeah i did when i was banging her obviously, ooh wait i dint i skipped my cardio session at the gym.
forest monkey do you know the secret to attract women that isn’t money or social status? yeah i know and here it is

                                    -  a muscular ripped body with a thick neck, huge upper arms,forearms and wide shoulders
                                     - a chiseled face with a visible jawline and high cheek bones.
                                     - a height of 6feet- 6feet 4inches.
                                     - a well groomed man hair(not bald girls hate this),beard(not big just small enough to look you have something)
                                      -a well dressed man for his surrounding.
                                      -clean white teeth .
                                      -a respectable cologne