Barren ladies

Am married to this chick for 5 years and wev tried to get kids then a few months ago she lost one off her overies things just went bad koz now i knew she wont give birth bt the funny part is i thot this would humble this lady bt no she mad all the time she wants makeup and hair money every month am like bitch u knw u can have kids y de fuck u busting my balls for
Story short is how can i get strength to be hia each day as i hear pple beening called daddy and stuff am loosing grip each day i look at her

Mwambie ajaribu surrogate. If the other ovary is okay. It might cost you up to kshs 5,000,000. But you both will have your blood as a kid.
Second option, adopt a kid.
Five years, still together makes you a rare type of a man. Ama uko na wild oats out there?

With your attitude I think you’re better off childless.
Umeangaliwa wewe by the way?
Labda you’re the one firing blanks!.. kikikikkkk…

Hmmm true bt am not shooting blanks my sperm is fine an strong

Tried and verified? Ulishikisha nani ball?

@Alchemist that expe msee waaa and nxt year we testing the other ovary if it will work

A lady flani nikiwa compus

The cost isn’t fixed. It depends heavily on the cost you agree with the surrogate mother. Plus you don’t want to have your kid grow in a woman who is negligent (bad womb neighborhood so to speak).

True will try this and how can i find one

@Luther12 a villager needs your directions and expert opinion.

Cheza away match

Alchemist niaje ka njemson leo

Kamata on my bill, si uko Sankara?

If you marriage is based on having a kid together then you’re on the wrong bus. Shuka sasa uchukue pararila za G44. Thank me later.

You can’t be barren and have a stinky attitude. Kalisha yeye chini and tell her as it is. If she refuses to change na wewe si peasant, get a clande and pachika yeye mimba mara hio hio.

Huyu mtoi ako wapi saa hii? Ama uliabia mamake aende akikaukanga? Kama yuko aanza kumsaidia.

First you don’t believe in God, so huwezi saidika

Damn. I learn a thing or two in the village.

Get a kid with another chic, i think thats better

madam wacha kuongea kama wakanyama sema


mara tatu , ukiangalia lake victoria