Baringo South By election results

Let it be a lesson to kanu and that think tank led by former state house political adviser nancy gitau that Rift Valley don’t play with leadership. DP Uncle Ruto is the Kalenjin leader since installation 2005 at Kapkatet holy grounds in Kericho county.

Jubilee candidate Charles Kamuren is leading by 3000 votes against his closest candidate from independent party. There was no kanu candidate despite this being their own remaining home front. Kamuren was kanu candidate in 2017 who lost to the late Mp. When she passed on, KANU assumed Kamuren will win easily and is their candidate. Well Kamuren had seen how the jubilee wave swept Baringo in 2017, taking all seats except senator which they lost by 25000 votes, (100000 to 75000). Before even the funeral he went to the register of political parties office, decamped from kanu and joined Jubilee. In those 60 days period nobody in kanu bothered to seek him out to plan for the by elections. Gideon and Issac salat are too busy in Nairobi or boardrooms hoping to be handed the presidency from heaven. When IEBC set the party nomination deadlines, it finally dawned on kanu that they were asleep when Kamuren delivered his candidature application to Jubilee HQ for the nomination contest. He won the hotly contested jubilee nomination by 1000 votes. His reason for leaving KANU was very clear since he lost in 2017, nobody in KANU bothered with him, even when the seat fell vacant they all assumed their own things. Meanwhile he has been with Jubilee MCA’s, MP’s and Governor for meetings and harambees to help the people since Dec 2017. If the kanu has no time for people or need to engage them then all its plans are useless. Aloofness can’t count in 2018 or 2022.

Sasa another reminder that all gideon publicity by their own family business standard media and a few bloggers in Nairobi is a far reality to the grassroots. I can’t wait for his presidential ran in 2022, achukuwe his 50,000 to 100000 votes like pk and he goes home as another time waste of time. In 2012 when former President Moi was embarrassed in Uhuru Park as he handed over power with some rear matter thrown on his motorcade, Kalenjin were consigned to the fact that non of their own might ever ascend that seat again. Well in 20 years DP Uncle Ruto is the only candidate. RV will vote 100% just for that reason alone more than even the development record.

u know those chokoras who call u “uncle” when asking u for coins? yeah u sound like them every time u say uncle ruto…nikama unaomba mabakshish ya chakula pale weston hotel.

Ama matapishi…

I was reliably informed that the kits failed …tena mapema mapema asubuhi

Explain that

Sisi pana watoto

iyo margin ata kama ni ujanja imechezwa uta anzia wapi kusema kili ibwo

@Panyaste you were so eager to attack the messenger that you forgot the message, namely that KANU and their siagi-fed Gideon have taken another drubbing because of their complacency. Secondly, that anybody including a KANU member, only needs to join Jubilee/WSR to win.

Even if at the moment I have no favorite presidential candidate,we will have to confirm that we are a fcuked up mass if we think of giving back the control of this country to either the Moi or Uhuru family.

na sasa tukipea uncle ya @spear ???:eek::eek:


Kitaeleweka, now for the 100 time the known certainty are confirmed and was never in doubt. Looking at DP Uncle Ruto board, its dynamics all the way. Let him stay on that path, development tours of all 47 counties to launch new, inspect ongoing and commission completed projects. He can then listen to their views, advice and take part in contributions to various harambees. Being close to local people and local leaders is key. Watu wa boardrooms na conferences in Nairobi watajionea tu kama saa hii in Sagana State lounge. President Uhuru is our leader and loved by the base but that small grouping of civil servants are embarrassing him. It doesn’t mean for President Uhuru to achieve his legacy of Big four agenda then he should be kept away from his base especially local leaders and people. Jubilee base commands the party and leaders. The support was based on promises that needs to be fulfilled I.e water, roads, electricity, markets, schools, healthcare, services and reforms. The only person constantly in the ground visibly doing that is DP Uncle Ruto.

Ata kama i support ruto, hii mambo ya kuita a political leader ‘baba, uncle’ is sycophancy. Remember kamotho akiita moi ‘baba’. We should resist it as it clouds our mind such that we see or hear no evil

Ruto kityo!