Barber skills Training college Recommend

Hello good pple, someone within my circle is interested in training as a barber and get good hands on skills on the same .Does any one of you know a good college or training centre in town that offers the course . If you really do and can vouch for it especially on the practical bit , kindly recommend it to me asap .will appreciate Asanteni .

Enda Kwa bayeye thomas

@kush yule mnono was once a Kinyozi wembe in his heydays. Start there.

Ashley’s college

@MachaaWaHadithi kuja
@Tom Bayeye kuja mbio.

Customero ako hapa

Thanks for the recommendation will check them out .

Wakuje na insights tafadhali .

Haha times have changed though ,all thanks to technology . Kush leta suggestions …

Kama si bibi yako,kunguru or your female family members …sahau mimi. Only vagina hairs

Uncalled for remarks but is okey .

Side chat him, kinyozi hawezi kataa biz na hii uchumi


I contacted them but they haven’t replied yet .

Unfortunately he didn’t demonstrate any willingness to train boychild or offer an alternative suggestions .


Hehe … achana na dj demakuvu

Two things in life to ask for,pizza and fukcing opinions…take a wild guess what i asked for today.