Baraka za wiki mpya.

Let me escort my dude STORMZY with this one. I luuurve the dude. We love you huku Seuth/Central Lando.

I feel you sis.
This brother has white Brits listening to Gospel music!..

Tunasema Amen!..

Weee this bro has rocked Lando. Ebu tell me what you think about a few that I will share…now.

And this one bro…Tynchy Strider

My all time favourite!!!
I think Tinie Tempah is the best UK rapper drum and bass player etc…
I was here believe me or not!..
Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to save for Warren G and Coolio work tour!..

I agree I million percent. I went to one of his shows and was so shocked to see Prince William and wife Kate falling all over the place trying to say hi to him. He is doing a lot of charity work now which I love. He is amazing.

And bro there is Laby…

Lastly I dedicate this w/e to my bro Chipmunk North Lando. Have a guuuuuuud night@ka-buda. My heart will beat like an 808 if I don’t go to bed now. HEHEHEHEHEHE…This song sums me up.