Banks need to know that there is a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), where someone has an instant urge to poop, having that condition is no joke, naskia kuna mwanamke amejikunia hapo Buruburu kwa bank, they wouldn’t let her use their toilet facilities, I think there should be laws that force all banks, supermarkets to install public toilets in their facilities, even if they must put cameras in those toilets hakuna shida, bora watu wakunie, IBS apana mchezo, ama namna gani kijiji

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Enyewe hawa watu wanatubeba ufala sana

hio no tricky… I think they should be freestyle like mpesa outlets…rules miiingi za ufala yet without customers they are done

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This is the worst case of profiling a customer. The banks should have those kind of facilities available to their customers.

Do they know that sometimes by the time you come to the bank to deposit money you have gone through so much. Haggling, cajoling, risky decisions, so as to get your money on ?.

In fact by the customer tells you let’s go to the bank, you already are feeling like shitting.

Then they can’t even let you use the washroom ?

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if they are ready to take my money they should be ready to take my honey bucket

Muache kusumbua Banks! They need you to stay there as short as possible, coz of the risks factors involved. Next mutaanza kusema muekewe ports za kucharge simu na WiFi?


Manenooo miingi just to tell us mwanamke amejiharia kwa bank. So,what else is new?

Court case loading…

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Thats why banks are busy discouraging physical banking… RTGS,EFT,Mobile banking… Nani ataosha choo ukienda kuharisha huko juu mteja amekubali kukulipa?


There are two people who walk inside the bank ,1 a saver and 2 a loan applicant . A loan applicant will sit at the manager’s office , enjoy free wifi, charge phone for free , but a poor saver will line up for hours before being served by a teller who is sitting behind a glassed bullet proof window .
The savers bring money which will be given to the loan applicant, therefore the saver should be valued more than a loan applicant but reality dictates otherwise . That’s the rule of the game .

Let me tell you something @Abba

  1. There is always a local arrangement for customers in the next available facility. Be it a petrol station, bar,or a hotel. Banks are located near such establishments. Uliza soldier atakushow.

  2. The moment you make people comfortable where people move tons of cash, you introduce the element of theft. The no mobile phones sign is there for a good cause. Utakuwa unapeana info realtime vile watu wanatoa pesa.

Your argument ya saver vs borrower ni simplified hivi.

Utanunua pombe mingi sana, na kutuma credit mingi sana ukikatia dem. Si ati anakudharau, anajua ile time atakupatia. Na ile siku utaambiwa Kam nikupatie, utaulizwa, umefunga mlango?

Security ni muhimu whether you are a saver or a borrower.


Name and shame that bank by all customers meeting there and on the count of three turn the white floor brown:D:D:D:D

guess unatry kua savage try that shit somewhere else doesn’t work me

There exists such a law.

banks dont lend saved money. Saved money is equal to withdrawn money , and in macro economics, net=0. like when an employer pays from his account into into his employees accounts who then pay it into a supermarket’s accounts and keep some it makes no difference to the bank except for the transaction fee in macro economics. it does not give banks any to lend. economics ni ngumu.
banks lend out of confidence and do not lend out real money, but they just make an impression on your account, an impression you pay interest for. Since most money exist in form of virtual implied loans in accounts, the survival of a bank is dependent on the prevailing need to withdraw the total amount of money in accounts. if the need is too high the bank collapses or will withhold banking services until confidence is restored. its a bit complicated ata ukiuliza teller na wengi wa watu wa banks hawawezi kuambia nini inaendelea.

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What I was highlighting ni vikombe ya chai…:smiley: anayekuja kukopa anapewa chai anayeleta ananyimwa. … I used to be a teller for a long time. Here is the thing , when these savers save in fdr,savings, accounts , these monies are kept in a safe at the bank.

Now if you come to apply for a loan and get approved , it means that you can access liquid money and NOT VIRTUAL CASH as you stated . So I remember one time we had collected 5 million at the close of business day , then the owner of a car dealership came at 3.05pm and applied for a loan of 5 million and he needed cash, guess what , we created a loan account for him, debited the account by 5 million ,and he was given all the collection we had during the day. I see lots of sense in what you are saying though

Thats not macro economics. If that was basis of lending the bank would fail. Total amount of loan is far greater than money saved.

I know, in the large picture you make sense, but in a micro perspective, I do make sense

Hii ni bank gani haina analysts wa credit based in Nairobi?
5M ni doh serious kupeanwa hivyo tu.

If I’m not wrong, loans above 500k have to be approved in the credit Dept’s. Ama ni bank ya Nigeria?

At any rate the borrower is the most important while the depositor helps with liquidity but not money to lend. The bank policy is not confused as you suggest. They know the side of the bread buttered. What happens ata particular branch at a particular time is inconsequential to the bank.

Hizi story za ‘I once was a teller…’