Bank statement authentication

Can a third party organisation verify a statement if you cook figures?# kitunguu inuke

Bibi haamini account iko na -32000/-?


There was a time i gave a not so clean bid bond, it didn’t end up nicely


Kitunguu kikinuka, kimevunda…labda kitanuka btw if you cook the figures Gio styro…

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Niaje Gaylord

Deets bruh

Tafuta teller mmoja mnasikizana, mwambie a edit account name of acc moja poa, print the statement then edit back to the original version.

They will go directly to your bank.

Don’t even think about it, watajua tu.

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Due diligence on their part. Shit was nasty as hell. I was facing fraud charges. A banker almost got fired weren’t it not for parting with money. In the end it was a loss

Depends on the bank n their Application my fren

Not likely but it depends it’s which organization. I have done worse.

@Marty McFly ni biashara gani hii unafanya of late umekuwa ukikimbizana na bank.

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