Bangi Iwe Huru

Kibra MP Ken Okoth to introduce Bill legalising marijuana, writes to MutMuturi

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)][SIZE=7]"[/SIZE][COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Kibra MP Kenneth Okoth plans to introduce a Marijuana Control Bill, 2018 with a view to decriminalising the growth and use of bhang.
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He revealed this in a letter to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Friday.

The lawmaker said amnesty measures should be instituted for the removal of criminal records against citizens with prior convictions of marijuana use.

“There is a regulation for growth and safe use of marijuana and hemp, including the registration of growers, producers, and manufacturers.”

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]“…and users with special focus on protection of children minors from illicit use just as we do with tobacco and alcohol,” Okoth said.[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)][SIZE=7]"[/SIZE]

ndio mungiki wapate income?

Legalize it and l n I will advertise it

Bangi iwe huru.

Kenya should act fast to be the top 10 in legalising weed in Africa legalisation of marijuana will give the Kenyan economy a much needed boost. Look at the US states that were first in legalising weed who reported many benefits among them
-increased revenues for the state
-Eased pressure on law enforcement dealing with marijuana control
-reduced gang violence and eliminated the need for criminals to supply weed.
-most importantly with privatisation came good quality weed that was grown in the best of conditions.


Hapo pa good quality, wengine tunangoja kuvuta the famous cali

I always say in such threads. Bangi ya Kenya ni matawi imekauka. Legalizing is a step in the right direction. We need better strains of the plant, bush weed is ruining young men. We need I-grade

Teren Teren @gashwin I told you… :D:D
Skiza Peetah Morgan hapa Jamdown Riddim unyamaze

yes iwe legalised

Yes. Let’s also tax drugs.

If it’s legalised, I hope to Patent the red strain found in Kakamega forest. It’s crazy shit, I could see the reactions of the users.

@denis young tuunde the next weed apps tukuwe tukingojea tu legislation

Hii ni gani?

A very potent breed.

That needs further investigation. We could be sitting on a lot of money.

True, the only problem is that, excessive consumption leads to hallucinations and eventually losing ones mind.

Afande Ningependa kusample io kitu.

Although I’m a proponent, we’ll be lying to ourselves if we claimed this economic magic will happen if legalized.

  1. There’s never any pressure by the authorities to make arrests related to marijuana, just pressure for bribes.
  2. Organised clean groups, rarely criminals, supply it.

Its unlikely to pass in Kenya though, we’re too hypocritical, to fearful and too bongo lala to implement this successfully with medical taking priority, tax second(haha) and private use third with the accompanying laws and regulations.

legalize it… Dial a joint

Ken Okoth vile anakaa, huwa too high on that sh*t.