Banditry in Kenya: Is it time for the gov't to form a new strategy?

Are Kenyans in Pokot and Turkana engaging in banditry because it’s fun to run around with homemade AK 47s and seeds for bullets ama all this is rooted in the systemic alienation of Kenyans in Northern Kenya by the government for the past 61 years? Apart from voting gadgets and KNEC exams, most amenities in the remote North are non-existent or missionary sponsored. Those citizens lack social amenities such as schools, churches, hospitals etc… Maybe the government should tackle the issue of banditry with a different strategy…

Unapigia mbuzi gitaa.

Someone tag Kindiki

If you fuck with us as a people … we will fuck with you twofolds. That we promise. Ngojeeni tu waanze kuua watoto na mabibi zetu. Then its fair game. Na musianze kulia hapa ati Pokot ooh … sijui Pokot nini. Hapana … fucking fair game. You kill ours we kill yours. Period. Simple and clear.

Those cousins of ours are lethal banae. Jana nimecheki Kwa news APC ya jeshi wamepima driver forehead. Lucky thing windscreen ilikua bullet proof bure it was a headshot clean

I believe this conflict is driven to a large extent by lack of resources and also significantly culture. Govt can’t change culture but can provide some resources. I believe investing in water infrastructure and thus pasture can keep animals alive and possibly/hopefully reduce conflict.
Lakini I accepted serikali haina roho Safi in providing such things out of good heart or objectivity in solving problems. Lazima Mtu pahali akule.

Train pokots to love alcohol

Expect women and children will be casualty…waliabiwa wahame jana

Expect your to be collateral damage as well then.